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How do I become a floral artist?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 16th, 2012

Do I have to get a certificate? Do I just start my own business? Do I intern? Thanks!

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How to become a florist

We used to rent a shop from a florist, and a friend and a family member became florists so I know a bit about this. Most people take classes while working at a flower shop. You do not need a certificate or a license to work at a floral shop.

Most tips are learned working with someone that has been in the business and has vast experience. In other words, you’ll learn a lot of this via hands on experience.

The hours are much longer than typical retail hours. Be prepared to work long hours on weekends and before/after ‘typical’ work hours to deliver funeral and wedding arrangements.

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I considered going into floral design at one time. I thought that I wouldn’t be happy unless I owned my own shop and I didn’t see that happening easily since I didn’t have money. This website seems to be a good overview with some behind the scenes advice. In other words, a real world account of what you can expect and what the real deal is. I would think it might vary a lot from country to country. Are you in the US?

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I would say working in a floral shop or apprenticing with someone. My inlaws do floral design and event planning. They have regular weekly business delivering flower arrangements to office buildings, and then make extra money planning the decor for parties, and helping to coordinate everything.

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Many people in the US study floriculture. Read the subjects covered by the description of a 2 year degree course of studies.
To be a true florist you need to know a lot more than just arranging pretty flowers in vases.

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