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Is using a wifi hotspot from Starbucks whilst waiting in their parking lot for someone a no-no?

Asked by Jude (32098points) March 16th, 2012

Should I at least buy a coffee to go?

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I don’t know. There have been plenty of times I stayed at a hotel that didn’t have wifi, but I was able to use the wifi from a hotel across the street…

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Feel like a criminal. ;)

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No. It’s free Wi-Fi.

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And it’s a cheap thrill! Woot!!!

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What are they going to do to you? Ban you? I wouldn’t worry about it. Enjoy it.

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Using a Starbucks wi-fi hotspot wherever you can get it is not a problem.

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I have the seem feeling. My feeling is however, to buy a tea at least. Besides the fact that I like tea, the company is providing the wi-fi so for me it’s a scratch my back I scratch your back kind of thing. I have nothing against those just hanging out taking signal reception in and slowing my downloads down :P

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If they didn’t lockit down, no big deal.

Is there a moral concern?

If you are sipping dunkin donut coffee while you surf porn, then perhaps.

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I don’t see a problem with it. I’m sure you have bought a thing or two at Starbucks at some time in the past and will in the future.

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@Jude I have a confession to make. Last time I went to Taco Bell, I took an extra packet of sauce home and put it on a quesadilla. So I’m way worse than you!

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@Kardamom When I go to Taco Bell I always take home handfuls of plastic cutlery and napkins. You are not alone!

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Go for it.

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You can always check to see if there is a homeless person offering wi-fi nearby…

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Next time, order a venti instead of a grande.

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If people do not password protect their wife, it means they want to share her with everyone.

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I mean wifi. Wifi. They want to share their wifi with everyone.

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I don’t see anything wrong with it. It is free wifi, after all.

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How can you be in a Starbuck’s parking lot and NOT go in? You have the strength of TEN!

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It reminds me of using the toilet at a gas station (servo for the aussies) without buying gas (petrol for the aussies). I always feel guilty, but do it anyhow!

I have been known to drive up and down streets in strange towns looking for an unlocked wifi connection. You can almost always find one. I actually kind of get a kick out of it, guess that is the criminal element in me shining forth.

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It’s not a no-no, more like a yes-no or a no-yes. It all depends on how comfortable you are with it. Plus, it’s a fact that every time a person uses Starbuck’s wifi without buying their coffee first, a customer’s caffeinated coffee turns into decaf without him knowing. Lol.

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I think the answer is quite simple. If they didn’t want you to access their service, you wouldn’t have access.

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Seriously?! Two words—NOBODY CARES. They will not be the least bit affected by you using it or not using it.

And Starbucks sells absolutely nothing I really like. Their coffee is inconsistent, and not by far the best I’ve had. Their tea is awful to me. Their food items are about on par with airplane food. Yes they have free wifi now, but always a dearth of power outlets. I put up with all of this for the ambiance, but that is increasingly duplicated by others. I really want to love Starbucks, but they keep disappointing me.

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The other thing, if I remember correctly, is that you have to accept their terms of use when you first get connected. So you end up watching a commercial, or something. That seems fair enough to me. I was going to buy a cappuccino anyway.
I lack your strength of purpose and cannot pass by SB without going in. ;-)

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@prioritymail How can you not like their food? They sell delicious coffee cake and Cheesecake Factory cheesecake!

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I take it you are sitting in the parking lot surfing their web and trolling their hot customers!

I think you are on to something. Perhaps start a dating site called Members meet in the parking lot in front of starbucks and surf and meet for free. They can then use the starbucks bathroom to get aquainted.

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@blueiiznh Hilarious…yet clever!

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