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Do you know people who are not into wearing jeans?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 18th, 2012

My wife for instance doesn’t wear jeans at all. She’s highly into fashion. I would have thought someone into reading about fashion all the time would be into owning at couple solid high quality jeans. But it’s a no go in this case. Fella’s am I alone? Does your girlfriend/wife also not wear jeans at all? Ladies, do you personally avoid jeans at all costs? Or does anyone just know of others who don’t wear jeans?

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My sister and her husband never let their boys wear jeans growing up. They are adults now and neither of them ever wears jeans, they find them uncomfortable.

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Yeah – some them don’t smoke pot either.

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My mother doesn’t wear jeans. She says she can’t understand why people wear them everywhere and for any and all occasions.

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I wear them to work but if it weren’t for that I never would. They’re uncomfortable, I prefer other types of pants or skirts/dresses and leggings. Much more freedom. I’ll admit that a perfect, worn in, well fitting pair of jeans is unlike any other though. I just don’t have a pair like that so I’m not into them otherwise. But I’m workin on it.

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Yup, my wife has never worn jeans in her entire life. Twenty-plus years together and we’ll go somewhere casual (backyard bar-b-cue for example) with me in jeans, chucks, and a tee-shirt and she’s dressed like she’s going to work.

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In my house jeans are like peanut butter….......a staple.

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Me, I never wear jean’s, I prefer to wear my own clothes thank you very much.

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I love jeans. I’ll wear them everyday if I can get away with it. They can be dressed up or dressed down and they go with everything. Like @john65pennington said, they are a staple.

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No, I don’t know anyone who isn’t into not wearing jeans. Me personally, I can;t imagine not wearing jeans. I love them to a fault as I hardly ever wear anything else apart from jeans everyday. I don;t like wearing dresses, or skirts, or even trousers that much. I just love love wearing jeans :D

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I am lucky that I can wear jeans to work. after years of “career dressing’ it is such a relief! Jeans don’r have to look sloppy and casual. While I realize that many professional environments don’t allow or accept jeans as appropriate, I am very glad that I have the option to wear them as I please. I wear them with dressier tops and sweaters, jackets, and simple knit tops. I accessorize to make it more stylish. Other times I dress in more formal attire, for meetings or simply when I am in the mood to do so One thing about jeans, you have to stay slim in order to carry off the look. I mean this as far as wearing them in the office. Outside of the office it doesn’t matter as much. But that’s just my opinion.

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I love jeans. Jeans and dresses are the staples of my wardrobe.
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to wear jeans.

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Neither one of my daughters likes jeans. They say they’re uncomfortable and give them wedgies. I’ve had them try on all different fits and sizes, but they haven’t found any they like. I, on the other hand, will go apeshit if you try to take my jeans.

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I had a pair of skinny pin-stripe jeans when I was 16, they stapled my nuts to my thigh so I quickly threw them out because I always planned on having kids.

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I wear jeans almost every day, they’re comfortable and go with everything! Lately though, I’ve started wearing dresses and shorts to account for the warmer weather. :-)

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I do not wear jeans, and I do not even own a pair of jeans. As a teen, I never did like them, although I did occasionally wear them.

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Back in my goth days I avoided them like the plague. Today, I wear whatever comes out of my closet. I’d even just wear a potato bag, I don’t give a shit. I know some few people who never wear jeans, although I never thought to ask why. One of them is this really poor guy who always wears the same thing, so I’m guessing he probably doesn’t own any pairs. This Goth girl I know also never wears them, even when not in her Batman attire.

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I like loose baggy jeans if they have been washed a couple of hundred times and are soft. Ralph Lauren’s Saturday jeans are my favorite. I don’t think they are being made anymore so I buy used ones from ebay when I need another pair. These skinny jeans I see kids wearing are not only unattractive they look uncomfortable as can be. If I had to wear that style, I would never put them on. I also hate spandex in jeans and it is almost impossible to find jeans that don’t have it. I really prefer chino type material and I like them to ride slightly low on my waist but not so low that I moon the world when I bend over! I don’t know what I will do when I can’t find Saturday jeans anymore???

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I don’t wear jeans although I have in the past. I’ve always been self conscious about my butt and jeans seemed to accentuate it. And that’s the truth.

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I usually wear skirts… Jean ones…

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If people don’t know wear what do they wear? Dresses,skirts, business trousers?

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My mother has never worn jeans.

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@AshLeigh Denim skirts love ;)

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@MilkyWay same thing. :P

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Growing up, I refused to wear jeans because I didn’t like rough textures and most jeans were made out of stiff 100% cotton. When the softer cotton/poly/spandex blends became popular, I would wear those, but even they’re kind of uncomfortable to me. I wish I lived in a world where I could wear loose, flowing skirts and yoga pants every day!

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I don’t like wearing jeans. I have one pair, but they have a hole in them and I don’t wear them. Jeans are uncomfortable. I wear black pants everyday. I feel like Smurfette.

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