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Am I the only girl who does this?

Asked by maria523 (32points) December 2nd, 2008

Whenever I pull up my pants, I grab tight(or by the belt loops if im wearing pants or jeans), pull up hard, shake my ass a few times and shimmy a little bit after) Am I the only girl who does this or are there other “booty shakers” out there

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I see it all the time.

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There was another question in the past few weeks somewhere around here about why girls shake their asses when they pull up their pants. I’m not looking for the question… but I’m telling you it’s there, so that automatically means it’s probably pretty common.

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It makes sense, since women generally have hips (and butts) that are wider than our waistlines. The wider parts of the bodies need to settle into the roomier part of the clothing, so that the waist (which is narrower) can be fastened with zippers/buttons/whatever. This is my muddled explanation of what I will call Booty Physics.

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Yep, I do it too. Especially if I’m about to sit down. Makes the jeans go up higher more easily.

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Yes, I do. It’s cheaper than buying jeans that fit. :P

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haha yep I find myself doing that all the time! I knew I wasn’t the only one!

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Why is this so fascinating?. Asked two weeks ago, in addition to figbash’s link. 34 answers to this also

Is it something in the water?

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I do it if the waistline is tight for my hips, and I’m a guy >_>

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This has definitely been discussed a good deal…

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We had a whole question about this! Two even! (And I totally do it.)

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