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Have you seen the new Muppets film yet?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) March 18th, 2012

What did you think of it? I don’t particularly like the Muppets or musicals but I really enjoyed the film.

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No I haven’t & I don’t have any plans to either.
I have no desire to sit through a documentary on the conservative party & it’s members.

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I haven’t seen it but I kind of want to!

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If you liked the Muppet Show when you were a kid you’ll love it. If you take your own kids I’m not so sure they’ll get it.

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I was a huge Muppet Show fan as a kid and I’m happy to say I LOVED the movie. It was well done, funny, and in keeping with the original Muppet spirit.

Now I’ve shown my daughter (9) episodes of the Muppet Show (on DVD) and she’s had little interest. I took her to the new movie and (surprise) she also loved it and wants to get it on DVD.

So… I’m happy.

wakka wakkaaa

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Yes we saw it opening weekend. It was awesome. We are all big Muppet fans!

We’ll be getting the DVD delivered this week, too!

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I saw it opening weekend and I LOVED it. The Muppet Movie is one of my favorite movies ever, and the Muppets wasn’t disappointing.
The Muppets are good, clean, silly fun with a wonderful message and humor for all ages.

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No, and I am not going to, because I realised I am no longer a child.

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I was skeptical going into the film, but tried my darnedest to maintain an open mind. The result was a pleasant experience. It has several references to the good old Muppet days (particularly with its parallels to The Muppet Movie, which I appreciated tremendously. The storyline felt appropriate, if that makes sense, considering how long it has been since the franchise had a decent feature. Its ending message was also very much in Benson’s spirit. I was smiling goofy through the whole ending, complete with warm fuzzy feelings.

It’s not my favourite by any means, but it does the characters justice. I pre-ordered the film on DVD, too.

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I just added it to my Netflix queue, and plan on watching it when my kids are with me for spring break. @mangeons, you’ll get to see it soon! :)

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@augustlan Yeah, but you’ll probably fall asleep halfway through!

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Probably. :p

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I have not seen it yet. I couldn’t afford to go to the cinema when it was on so I am waiting for it to come out on DVD. I love the Muppets and I was really looking forward to seeing it at the cinema but finances wouldn’t allow.

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I just rented it today and watched it again with my daughter. I cried through half of it (I did at the theater also).

Did anyone else get emotional while watching it (or am I just a big goober)?

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@cprevite You’re not alone. I got teary-eyed during Kermit’s song “Pictures In My Head” and by the ending, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. The Muppets mean a lot to me (I could definitely relate to Walter, dorky as that may be..) and it was just amazing to recognize how far they have come. They may not be “real” actors, but still. Happy tears.

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@muppetish: Yes to all of that – and I always get choked up by Rainbow Connection.

Well it’s okay if you’re dorky, I’m definitely a goober. :^)

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