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Can antibiotics cause mood swings?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) June 28th, 2007

Specifically Augmentin.

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Never heard of mood swings -- just hives for me. :(

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alot of antibiotics can. i would check the side-effects label for augmentin. Alot of times even if mood swings arent directly mentioned, it occurs as a result of something caused by side effects. Like headaches are a common side effect of augmentin and the headaches could could cause mood swings. Here are some facts about augmentin -- scroll down to the side effects if you dont want to read all that medical info.

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There is a small body of case studies that show that antibiotics can affect mood. Some research groups have shown a strong correlation with certain antibiotics and mood disorders in animal models. The literature is currently pretty scant on antibiotics and human mood, although there are some well-documented cases.

Azithromycin, for example, has induced toxic catatonia. Clarithromycin has brought on severe mania in a handfull of documented cases. Some antibiotics have been shown to lower MAO levels.

I think the interesting question is why do some antibiotics impact some people's affect? It's pretty fascinating when you think that there may be mircrobes in our nervous system much like those in our GI tract, right? Both good and bad, that get clobbered by antimicrobials. Or to think that the state of our GI tract can affect our mood, just like our mood can affect our GI tract...

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Augmentin should not cause mood swings. However, it really depends what you are taking it in conjunction with. If there are any other medications involved, that would make more sense that your mood was being affected.

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