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Who are the honest, sincere, and reasonably intelligent Republicans rooting for?

Asked by Jeruba (50403points) March 25th, 2012

I know they’re out there. Not all Republicans are conservatives, and not all conservatives are nut cases. We even have some flutherfolk who fit my description: honest, sincere, and reasonably intelligent. Republicans.

So, if this describes you, which of the candidates for your party’s presidential nomination do you favor at this point, and how likely do you think he or she is to take the field?

This is not an invitation to a donkeys-and-elephants brawl, please. I want only the nice people to answer.

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I think they are rooting for a return of the true Grand Old Party replacing the new Greedy Oligarch Pig GOP. The rational operators in the party have either been purged altogether or so marginalized they have no voice in party affairs any longer. You know things have gotten out of hand when Karl (Turd Blossom) Rove is one of the sanest voices left standing.

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My stepdad is a staunch NRA card-carrying Republican. He jumped ship and is swimming around looking for a new boat to climb into. He admitted to voting for some Democrats in his state because the Reps turned into idiots (followed by 30 minute rant).

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I’ve a couple friends going for, Ron Paul. They are aware realistically in this time and age he will not win. But they are also aware that the popular votes are fueled by fundamentalist.

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Honest, sincere, reasonably intelligent Republicans are a rare bird, but a friend of mine is, and she likes Chris Christie in a convention draft.

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I’ve got a handful of friends who count themselves as Republicans. Most of them are younger though so I dunno how firmly they fit into the profile you’re looking for.

A few of them are ardent Ron Paul supporters, but to be honest I consider these friends conservative libertarians more than I consider them Republicans. I think they’re just siding with the Republicans because they don’t really have any other choice. Several of them are conservative fiscally, but frankly are very put off by the social lines that a lot of the modern Republican candidates are exhibiting (see Santorum, Bachmann, etc). I can honestly only think of a couple of people I know who fall 100% lockstep in line with the candidates that the Republicans have right now.

The Republicans I converse with about this stuff…. The one I talk with the most isn’t really excited about anyone he has to choose from. He’s pretty sure it’ll be Romney when it’s all said and done though. A cousin of mine, who is the only one who falls totally in line with them, would/will probably be supporting Santorum.

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Honest and sensible republicans ought to be thinking seriously about Obama, since he has moved to a more moderate position.

They might have migrated to Huntsman, who was the most intelligent of the republicans, before his campaign imploded.

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@elbanditoroso The president definitely did move to a more moderate stance on a lot of things, much to the chagrin of many of my fellow Democrats. Unfortunately the Republican mantra has been tear down anything Obama touches. Even if they liked it to begin with. Bills that they started and were arguing for were abandoned the second the president endorsed them… That’s why they worked themselves into the corner when the president started advocating tax cuts earlier this year… lol.

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@tedd, I agree 100%. The republicans are ideologues – governing and helping the USA. it seems, is less important than scoring political points.

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I’m conservative Republican and I think that this Presidential election will be won by Obama. So I might as well vote for Ron Paul. HA! The likely reason that Rick Santorum is doing as well as he is is likely due to help from Democrat voters because they think that the Etch-a-Sketch™ candidate has the best chance against Obama. But seriously, Romney will be the Republican Party’s nominee and so, as for me at least, that is who I’ll vote for with the hopes that he will not morph into Obama if elected.

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Ron Paul, of course! : ))

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@gondwanalon I liked the use of the TM… lol

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A banana?

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Republicans and Democrats… both controlled by the same people.

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Hell, I liked Romney in the last election (2008). I still like him even though he’s not my ideal candidate (no one ever is). Gingrich would have been my pick until he blew up and let his temper get the best of him. Better it happened now than later. I like most of Paul’s domestic agenda but I worry that he is too much of an Isolationist. I’m not sure we could pull that off without severe repercussions. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be disappointed if he were elected (not that there’s much chance of that). The only real danger out there is Obama. A second term would be much worse than the first. With no fear of reelection he would be free to do his worst. The only rein on his power is the Supreme Court and with a second term even that may be stacked in his favor. Brrrrrrr, gives me chills.

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I would love to answer.
But I am really not a Republican (and even if I was, history indicates lots of jellies would dispute my reasonable intelligence).
The problem is, the President makes me sure I am currently not a Democrat either.
Can’t wait to read the thread though.

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There must be more Colin Powells out there.

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I hope not.

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Americans of good will of any political party or persuasion normally root “for the President and Congress to get it right” once in awhile. It hasn’t happened often in my lifetime, but I’m still hoping. On the other hand, I’m not voting for any of them at any time, either.

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I’m not a nice person when it comes to…. I can’t say it nicely. I’ll withdraw from the question. Just one thing… never mind.

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