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Do I have a case against my mechanic?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) March 26th, 2012

I just recently (less than two years ago) had a rebuilt engine put in on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee. That engine blew a head gasket and is now ruined. My warrantee is up.

A rebuilt engine should last longer than that.

I want to go to consumer affairs or something. Do I have a case?

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No. I’m sorry.

The warranty covers you against the engine being built wrong or installed wrong. If it ran for 18 months and then blew a head gasket that brings a lot of variables into it that are beyond the mechanic’s control. Maintenance becomes a bigger deal at some point than the original work.

I’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m just saying there isn’t any way for someone to determine exactly what caused the engine to fail and then track that back to your mechanic’s work almost 2 years ago.

Again, I’m sorry. For complicated used parts I usually consider the warranty period as the life expectancy and figure any extra time I get out of it is a bonus.

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A well-maintained rebuild should last longer than that, but those that don’t generally die far sooner. Two years is a lot of time for a multitude of other things to get worn, a lot of maintenance to be missed, and a million ways to have it “grenade” that are not the fault of a mechanic.

Sorry, but you don’t have a case :(

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Agreed with the previous posters. If it had been a couple months you would have a complaint… but not two years, and definitely not with a rebuilt motor.

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What made the head gasket blow? Was the car overheated? Were the fluid levels maintained? Was the car maintained on a consistent basis?

I think you don’t have a case because these are all factors that could affect the life of any engine.

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No, sorry.

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No. Rebuilt engines have a short warranty for a good reason.

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If you have ever had your car worked on by any of these quicky oil change places or even wal mart ,ugh, you will hear the tech tell you right off the bat your levels were low even if they were fine. Ask me how I know this. It’s just one way they use to cover themselves in the event of a failure down the road whether it was because of something they did wrong or some other unrelated situation that was unknown. All bets are off if any sort of lapse in regular maintenence is evident. Engines do just up and shit the bed with no warning or fault of the owner and a mechanic has to at some point be able to get out from under these jobs.

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