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Where to keep pepper spray so it doesn't accidentally go off?

Asked by carrielynn (131points) April 12th, 2012

I just got some Sabre pepper spray. The way it works is you move the safety switch to the right, then press it down to spray. It is not hard to move. I’m worried about keeping this in my purse for fear of it accidentally going off. I suspect the same thing will happen if I keep it on my keychain. My keychain usually ends up in my purse anyway. I read somewhere online not to keep it in the car during summer as it can leak. Is there anywhere that’s really safe to keep pepper spray when I’m away from home?

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When faced with a tough decision such as this it is often best to start with eliminating where you do not want to place the pepper spray.

Under your pillow is not a good idea. Not in your purse, not hanging from your steering wheel, not near the furnace, fireplace or campfire most certainly. See how easy!
Process of elimination. ;-)

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If you are so worried about it going off why do you even have it.

Buy a cheapo 25 dollar safe and throw it in there, they usually have a battery operated keypad and key lock.

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Do you have an outside pocket on your purse? That would be a decent place.
Can I ask where I can buy pepper spray?

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Side pocket of purse as @philosopher says, or just remember to put it in your pocket each time you go out. I also have one on my bedside table, just in case.
@philosopher I got mine at a tool store, but you can get them at a pawn shop or gun store. Also the flea market near my home carries them.

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@XOIIO – I thought it might be a valid concern. I’ve read too many stories of it going off in a purse and affecting the whole room. I don’t personally know anyone who has carried pepper spray. If it is really safe getting thrown around in a purse/on a keychain I thought the answers might reflect that.

@philosopher and @chyna – That sounds reasonable – may be the safest thing I can do for now.

I got mine at Gander Mountain. I saw you can get the same thing at Walmart and you have to ask for it at the outdoors/gun area.

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Which size pepper spary? There are people that make holsters for pepper spray that you can clip to your waistband, belt or inside a pocket.

@philosopher it depends on the laws of your state, they are considered a firearm in some jurisdictions. Gun shops are probably a good place to start.

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We only have Loew’s and Home Depot. I wonder if anyone on line sells pepper spray.

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@philosopher Try

@WestRiverrat It’s about 4 inches, maybe a smaller one would be better

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I wore hoodies with a front pouch, and carried pepper spray in it for about 3 years, and it never went off accidentally.

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