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Are tube tops skanky?

Asked by Finley (833points) April 14th, 2012

Simple black tube top, long white cotten/linen martin fit pants, high heels, simple jewelry. I’m young. Would it be skanky to wear that to a friends dance recital? The dress code is dressy/casual. Nice shirt/nice jeans or dress, etc.

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Wonderfully so.

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Sounds like something you would wear on a date not a dance recital

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Maybe with an open blouse over it.

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@creative1 these are high maintenace/beautiful girls we’re dealing with

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I hate tube tops. I think they’re trashy.
I vote no on the tube top.

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It depends on your body type and the way you wear it. I think @Trillian has a good idea to put an open blouse over it. That way, if you get there and think that the tube top wasn’t such a great idea, you are covered. (pun intended)

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Not a good idea for a dance recital. Tube tops are much too casual and not the least bit flattering or classy.

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The outfit would work really well with the same pants and a fitted black tee with sleeves. I am also not a fan of very high heels with jeans. Discounting the totter and blister issues, they look silly…even on J Lo.

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Wear something over it. Cover up. The recital is not about you.

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No tube top to the dance recital unless you cover it with an open blouse.

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Tube tops are the skankiest things ever. Go ahead and stitch a big, red A on every one you own.

Just kidding. It sounds nice, go for it.

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Define skanky.

I was entering this bar one night for a check on underage drinking. This woman was wearing a yellow tank top. The drunk man came up behind her and yanked her tank top down, exposing her breasts. He was arrested for third degree rape.

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Tube tops are designed to draw attention to the bust-line. There are certain body builds that they look much better on than others. It also depends on the quality of material.

My experience, which includes wearing tube tops eons ago, is that most people feel a constant consciousness of remaining ‘covered up’. This goes for any strapless top.even if it includes heavy padding and/or wiring. Gravity and movement cause the top to eventually slip whether one is busty or flat-chested. The result is that the wearer tends to give the occasional tug. It means that they have lost focus of the task at hand, like enjoying the recital, and that it might be a distraction to those around them.

The above are just thoughts to take into consideration. If you can feel confident in your outfit without fidgeting, why not wear it? I agree with those who recommend wearing a blouse over top for a recital though. It puts a more formal spin on the outfit.

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@Finley yes and that is why you don’t want to walk in to attract a man to your chest. Wear something that covers your chest like a nice top and a pair of dress pants to match. I have nothing against showing off the girls (tits) on a date but there is a proper way to dress around family and friends and showing the girls off is no way to dress. That is unless your going there to pick up a man.

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I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call them “skanky” but they are not classy by any stretch. Your interjection about beautiful and high maintenance makes me think you’ve already decided to wear one and were more just looking for validation.
But the fact that it’s a dance recital should be a big clue. You said the code is Dressy/Casual. There you go. No tube top.
Unless the dance recital is a pole dance recital. In which case, don’t stop at a tube top, put it over some daisy dukes.

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Tube tops of today aren’t inherently trashy. Some look quite nice. Others are not quite as appropriate. So, it depends on the cut and style of the top, I think. In any case, wearing an open shirt or cardigan over top gives you more options.

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I vote “skanky”.

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What is dressy/casual?

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I vote hawt. But I live across the street from a trailer park.

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They are tres skank, and do not qualify for dressy/casual.
They are very suitable for night out clubbing, though.

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As long as the shirt covers your midriff and you wear long pants to balance the exposed skin on top, I think it could work. If it’s empire waisted and in a dark color, even better. I also agree with the layering suggestions upthread.

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Only when you pair them with gold spandex leggings and go to Walmart.

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Let’s face it. The music is probably not going to be that great. But the hot girls in tube tops? Worth the price of admission. Even if they don’t smile once.

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I don’t find them particularly attractive and I have never seen anyone wear them, regardless of body type, who didn’t spend half the night tugging them up, down, over or somehow readjusting its position. Go for comfort and skip the tube. I am now going to google “martin fit pants.” I have been in the bush too long.

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I think a tube top is more suited to wear on the beach than at a recital. Not necessarily skanky, but certainly not appropriate for an event where the dresscode is “dressy/casual”. (“Dressy/Casual does not mean either dressy or casual. It’s more an in-between state, and I think a tube top is too informal).

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