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How can I get color contacts?

Asked by skateangel (321points) April 15th, 2012

And would they let me try them on by myself? I got nervous the last time the doctors were watching trying to put them in. And what if I can’t get them out?? Also does anyone know if the lens size fits everyone or do you have to get different sizes and everything?

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one size fits all, only the Rx varies, they gave me a set to try for a week. (free)

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Go into an eyeglass store that also has an optometrist and tell them what you want.

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If you don’t need a prescription there are other places besides an optometrist to purchase them. For example my local tattoo place sells them.

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While other locales do, in fact, sell lenses I would not put ANYTHING onto my eye that I didn’t get from an optometrist. My vision is too valuable and I don’t want to lose it.

According to this: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a statement saying, “these products present significant risks of blindness and other eye injury if distributed without the involvement of a qualified eye care professional.” The regulatory body also, “cautioned consumers against using decorative contact lenses that have not been prescribed or fitted by a qualified eye care professional.”

The article goes on to indicate that many are made overseas with little or no quality control and are often stored in saline that has expired, increasing the risk of infection.

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You have to get a prescription first (even if you’re not using them for corrective lenses, this is because not all eyes have the same dimensions), but once you have that there’s nothing stopping you from buying them on your own off the internet. I use They have a wide variety of colored lenses, regular lenses, disposable, special-FX lenses, etc, etc. Pretty good prices.

I’ve been using Sea Grean and Caribbean Aqua for about 4 years now.

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Try 9mm special effects. They hand paint contacts for movies and such so they should work.

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@JLeslie Can I use the eyeglass prescription I already have to buy contacts? or are they different? Thanks:)

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@skateangel I’m not sure, I don’t wear contacts. My husband tried them about a year ago, but he had just had his yearly check with the doctor. Possibly optometrists will want to know you have had an eye exam within a year to prescribe you the contacts. I really have no idea, but it seems like something they might do.

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@skateangel They are different. Contact prescriptions include the diameter of your eye and such…. regular glasses prescriptions do not.

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