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Does your household have a puke bucket?

Asked by Cupcake (15492points) April 16th, 2012

Do you have a container (bucket, bowl, tupperware, etc.) that is used for vomiting (like for laying next to the couch/bed when you are sick and might not make it to the bathroom)?

If so, do you ever use it for anything else??

If not, do you always make it to the toilet to vomit?

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I successfully conditioned my little brother to enjoy the taste.

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The last time I vomited was from eating uncooked burger from Wendy’s (last summer). The time before that was about 30 years ago. So vomitation just doesn’t seem to be all that prevalent in my household.

Therefore, having a vomit bucket would be inappropriate for my situation.

But I want to thank you for throwing the question up for peoples’ opinions.

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Yes. We use a 5 quart plastic ice cream bucket. Each family member has one under the edge of the bed. We don’t have to use them very often, but with kids especially, it’s always best to be prepared.

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Wilma, is that true?? Sounds like a twisted version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s grandparents bed…

No, we don’t have a bucket dedicated to sick. We don’t get sick often enough to warrant one. If there’s an accident, so be it. But I, for one, seem to have a well tuned internal switch that says you have 10 seconds to get to a basin. Go. Now!

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No bucket here.

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Yep. It is a stainless steel 5 qt mixing bowl with straight sides. It gets used for cooking 99.99% of the time but if someone is sick, that is the container we grab.

Are you anticipating a bad reaction from the meatballs?

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No. I have a bathroom with a big white thing which holds water.
Is this question related to your other question about food left out overnight?

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We use a smallish trashcan with one of those “special fresh odor” trashbags. Then we can just pull out the bag, stuff it in another bag, get rid of it, and keep going.

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I have a green laundry bucket that does the job properly. So many bad and painful memories in that innocent looking round container.

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The toilet.

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Nope. Only the toilette.

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I use the toilet too sometimes, but for the occasions where I’m puking every hour I’d rather sit comfortably in a warm bed with a bucket in front of me than hunched over a toilet all night. :p

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@Rheto_Ric yes it’s true. I have four kids. When they were young and gastroenteritis would go through the house, I might be awakened in the night by a “mommy” and chances are I would not have time to get the sick child all the way to the bathroom before the contents of his/her stomach went everywhere. It was easier for me or them, to grab their bucket and stick it under their chin. I would rather empty and clean a bucket than wash all the bedding and carpet.
Sometimes a child or even an adult can be too weak or disoriented at that moment to make it to the toilet. If you can make it great, if you can’t a bucket can be a real helpful thing.
Also like @Keep_on_running said, I kneeling on the bathroom floor in front of the toilet all night can make a bad situation even worse.

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Funny… this is unrelated to the meatball question. My coworker will not eat any food out of her household “puke bowl”... so it made me think about our family’s practice. We use a big plastic bowl that mostly goes unused… but since it’s the biggest bowl we have, occasionally food is prepared/served in it.

I love the idea of a small garbage can (or bowl) with a garbage bag in it. I have a hard time cleaning puke.

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I have a 5 quart plastic bowl that lost it’s lid a long time ago. I would use it for something else if a need came along, but so far it’s just available for emergency use. But no one has puked in it either, it’s just there for emergency use if a sick person can’t make it to the toilet.

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We do not have the need to a designated puke bucket.

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We have three and a half bathrooms, so I guess I make it to the toilet every time… Haven’t thrown up in a LONG while. I think one time I used the trash can, but no, no throw-up-only can.

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When there are viruses or flus, garbage cans become puke buckets.

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We have the bottom part of an old salad spinner. It’s plastic. I think we might call it “the bucket.” It lives in the closet on the second floor and when someone is sick, it lies by their bedside. Or mine.

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Whatever container is closest when the time comes is deemed the puke bucket. Otherwise no, no dedicated bucket.

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Not any more… but when my kids were small, we used either a small plastic wastebasket, or a small household pail. The container used was less important than whether it was with the kid in question. (“Where’s your bucket?! Go get it!!!”) Oh- I did keep bucket/paper towels/trash bags/cleaner in my vehicle at all times, after a neighbor’s kid christened it.:-P

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Interesting point @sydsydrox. I have mostly only lived in houses with 1 bathroom. Now we have 2, but no one likes to use the one in the basement (plus it is out of the way for puking).

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P.S. I was recently pregnant and now have a baby, I have a teenager with anxiety-induced vomiting regularly, and my son and I get car sick… so our household deals with puke often.

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@Cupcake Do you take motion sickness pills?

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Can’t say that I do. I’m not prone to vomiting and rarely get sick. The last time I vomited was due to drinking too many bloody marys one night by accident. Babbling on the phone with a friend and oops…shouldn’t have poured that last Grey Goose.

Totally snuck up on me because I am not a big drinker.
Got that out of my system and yes, I made it to the bathroom. :-/

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@wundayatta I did when I visited San Diego. I try to sit up front and stay cool and well hydrated. And NO reading!!

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I’ve never thought about that, and no, we don’t have one. The first and last time I threw up was 18 years ago ew

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My grandma did when I was little…I always made it to the toilet, as I thought puking in a bucket was gross. Puking, and feeling ill is bad enough. Using an ugly bucket has a way of making the entire situation feel even more disgusting, IMO.

It seems to me a lot of farm/midwestern families designate a bucket for this. I don’t know why. Lack of 2nd or 3rd bathrooms, I suppose.

My son used to cyclically vomit. For “the Pukes” I give him a large glass mixing bowl to keep on his lap, a pile of soft white towels near him and a damp wash cloth. When he was under 5, it was best to keep a bowl near by.

Now that he’s more self aware, he finds the bathtub to be much more comforting against his sore belly.

When I get ill enough to vomit, I’m usually found in the fetal position on the bathroom floor praying to vomit. When I’m not in the bathroom, I have always made it to the toilet from where ever I’ve been in the house.

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I think this question is very interesting in juxtaposition to your last one.

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It’s whatever can be found that will work in a pinch. Toilets are too splashy. No designated barf pail at our house. I can’t remember when it was, the last time we needed one, so even if we did get one special container for that, we would loose it or press it into service doing something else.

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My daughter got sick the other night. Evidently the toilet isn’t good enough for her, so she puked all over my bathroom. I gave her a garbage can when she laid back down but luckily (ha!) she got it all out on my bathroom floor.

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We do not have a puke bucket,

But, we do have a slop jar.

Maggie, or dog, uses it all the time.

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We had a mop bucket that served this purpose on a couple of occasions when the kids were growing up but we don’t need it now.

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Yes, we have an old Tupperware pitcher since my pregnant Daughter In Law lived here. I use it as a toilet brush holder, but it doubles as a puke bucket, when the kids are sick. I also place a large, plastic, margarine tub under their bed when they are sick.

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We usually end up keeping a small trashcan by the bedside if one of us is sick. We try to make it to the bathroom instead, but keep the trashcan handy just in case.

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Gross warning:

When I am sick, I need both – I sit on the toilet and use the bucket at the same time.

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@YARNLADY I was just going to say that the last time I needed a bucket, it was because I was sitting on the toilet at the time. I ended up puking in the (thankfully lined) bathroom trash can. I wasn’t home, either! That was awful.

We actually do have a container for this purpose, but it rarely gets used. It’s more like a just in case type of thing. It’s a large plastic shoe box thingy, and it isn’t used for anything else.

My whole family recently came down with a horrible stomach bug, and while I was on the bathroom floor for hours, it occurred to me that it might actually be better to puke into the kitchen sink. There’s a garbage disposal there, you can stand up, no water to splash back, etc. Is that too gross to contemplate?

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No, and I vomit at least twice a month (from medication). I use the toilet. However, if I’m sick and it’s coming out both ends ..I use the toilet and the trash bin (but I don’t get that kind of sick very often – maybe once every couple years).

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In my 40+ years, I’ve never known anyone in or outside of my family or circle of friends who has needed a beside yak container. The toilet has sufficed.

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I used to have an akita who got car sick until he was about 3 years old. I always carried a bucket in the car and he always used his bucket when he was going to be sick. Thank goodness he eventually outgrew it!

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@augustlan Not too gross… that’s a great idea I’ve never thought of the garbage disposal

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