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Need to speak to a US Software Engineer?

Asked by slopolk (199points) April 17th, 2012

I am doing a paper for my world culture class and need to ask a US software engineer a few short simple questions, 1) What are your hopes and concerns for yourself (current or future)? 2) How do you usually purchse Food, Goods, and Entertainment? Please help asap need it like by Wednesday.

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Just in case nobody else chimes in, I am a web developer. What software I do engineer is for Web applications and database management, not PCs.

My hopes and concerns for myself? I need to build this business up to the point I can sell it. I own the company, but am 68 now and know I can’t go on programming forever.

How do I usually purchase Food, Goods and Entertainment? I’m a obsessively frugal shopper. I live close to the Haymarket in Boston. It is the nation’s oldest open air market. It only operates on Fridays and Saturdays, but attracts a 50 or more vendors selling fruits and vegetables of every imaginable kind, nuts, spices and fish (seafood in cold months only). The prices are unbelievably low. Thanks to the proximity of the Haymarket, we enjoy a constant, inexpensive supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s not uncommon if you wait till they are about to close to pick up a 25 pound box of oranges or grapefruit for $3 to $5. If I bought that quantity in a typical grocery store, they would run between $35 and $50.

Cold cuts for sandwiches, I generally get from a huge Market Basket supermarket. They are about half the going rate for things like Swiss cheese and sliced ham and turkey breast. For meats and household items, I shop at a membership only discount store called Costco. And much of our clothing and housewares are courtesy of my wife’s hobby, Goodwill hunting. She loves to hunt their Thrift Store for bargains and books.

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Thank you so much, your response is great and very helpful for my assignment. What do you and your wife like to do for entertainment? If you do, spend money on entertainment, How expensive or in your case (because your frugal) :) inexpensive is it. Thanks once again

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@slopolk We aren’t party animals. We occasionally catch a movie or a concert. We enjoy the fine museums around Boston. We’re planning a vacation to tour New York City and another to Washington DC and the Smithsonian Institution. Pretty plain vanilla stuff.

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