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What is your favorite kind/brand of chips?

Asked by Kardamom (31414points) January 17th, 2015

Because I’m sick right now, everything is either taste-less, or tastes wrong/bad. I have had only 2 cups of miso soup today, which normally I love, but had no flavor today.

I don’t have much of an appetite right now (which is soooooo not like me) because nothing tastes right, but I do often daydream about food and flavors, and just now I was thinking about Kettle brand Salt and Vinegar potato chips. They are so delicious and addicting.

What are you guys’s favorite kinds/brands of chips? Do you like to eat them straight or with some kind of dip? Are you able to eat just one? Do you like to put chips on your sammiches?

Come on everyone, we need a good food thread! Tell me your answers and let the chips fall where they may!

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I don’t buy chips – for home or at lunch (work). Never! If I do, I will eat them, and I need that like a hole in the head! I love them and if I had them in the house, I would be hungry and have a weak moment and open the bag, so they are a definite no-no. If I’m at someone’s house or a work meeting where they whip out the chips, I will probably have some. I like plain ole’ potato chips, preferably rippled. Maybe Lay’s or whatever brand. I also like pita chips. Same deal – do not buy, do not have in house, bad bad bad, look the other way in the store or don’t go down that aisle!

Dip, I prefer onion. If I can, instead of having chips with dip, I’ll have raw veggies with dip, for example at a party. I feel like veggies with dip are the lesser of two evils, as opposed to chips. Just like chips, I never ever have dip at home.

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These days, my favorite chips are the Utz Dark Russet chips. I will eat them plain or with dip (either sour cream and onion or cheese). I have a hard time finding them sometimes though, so it’s usually a treat when I get them.

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Hands down… Kettle Yogurt & Green Onion.

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Lay’s potato chips are always the best! Any flavor will do me good, but the best is the classic salty one. I prefer to eat them straight. Eating them with anything will reduce the taste.

I wish I had enough money for them though :(

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@jca I don’t buy them either. Else I would eat the whole bag.

I did get some pita chips from Trader Joe’s the other day, though. I needed something to scoop up the hummus with. Not at home, though. I took them to work and shared.

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I will apologize in advance for this.

But Nacho Cheese Doritos and cream cheese is awesome. It is also awesome on plain salted Ruffles. I can eat a whole block of it with just a handful of chips.

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Bugles all the way! Yum!

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Snyders Bar-B-Q! I don’t know if they are a regional brand, but don’t see them very often. A close second goes to Frito’s Honey BBQ flavor twists, which I refer to as “crack in a bag” I’ll eat them til I make myself sick.

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Thank you @johnpowell Yes! Yes! Yes! Said in the voice and context of Meg Ryan in that scene from When Harry Met Sally.

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Dirty brand potato chips are the best. JalapeƱo and the salt and vinegar.

Sanitas yellow corn chips are the best for that sort of thing, and inexpensive compared to most.

In TN there was a really good salt and pepper potato chip and for the life if me I don’t remember the brand. I’d recognize if on the shelf. It was a smallish large bag kind if striped white, silver, and black I think. I don’t think it was Brim’s brand, which was local and we used to buy their very crunchy pork rinds for frijoles charros.

I still like good old fashioned plain Ruffles potato chips.

Kettle brand are also pretty good for a very crispy chip when the Dirty chips aren’t available.

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Cape Cod brand chips are pretty crispy, too. @JLeslie I forgot about Ruffles. I like that name, “Ruffles.”

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Little piles of shredded hard cheese (asiago?) placed on a hot griddle and turned, once.
Even if you don’t feel well, if you make these and then sit down to eat them, your eyes will nearly roll back in your head!

I love the Kettle’s brand salt and vinegar.

When I was a kid i would ride my bike a mile to the store just to buy one of those waxed-paper-bagged two-packs of locally made potato chips. Plain, usually. BBQ and Sour Cream and Onion I tired of faster.

Pringles were the bomb! I could eat chips while I pedaled.

Sorry. I anticipated a cooking rather then shopping question.-

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I think I tried Cape Cod a long time ago. Truth is I rarely buy potato chips. Maybe 4 times a year from the supermarket. A few times more if you include eating out in a sandwich shop.

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Wise Potato Chips are the ones I can’t resist.

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The original (regular) brand of Fritos. No flavoring, just corn chips and lots of salt.

Bad for you, but soooo tasty.

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Kettle regular sea salt. Or Lays Barbecue.

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My wife is a dietician and won’t let me eat chips. So I like any and all chips and eat them whenever and wherever I can.

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Red Rock Deli Sea Salt chips. I also like cheese and onion chips but I haven’t had any for years. Like @jca, I don’t buy usually buy them because they’re too tempting to have in the house. We might buy a bag at Christmas, in case we want a snack food if people come round.

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Terra brand Beet chips. They only come in a bag along with Sweet Potato chips but I’m not that fond of those.

I wish they had the Beet chips in their own bag.

Unfortunately, most typical brands of chips have such overwhelming amounts of salt that, no matter how much I enjoy various flavors like BBQ or Onion/Sour Cream, it’s usually so off putting to be drowning in that much salt.

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From my local fish n chip shop.

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As I am ashamed to admit, it is Pringles.

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I love Pringles and Munchos. I buy them once every 5 years maybe. Pringles are great for travel.

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Walkers, hands down. Ready Salted and Salt and Vinegar.

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Taro chips from the “chip guy” at Taro Ko Factory in Hanapepe, Kauai,Hawaii.

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Not exactly chips, but I like Cheese Puffs.
If it has to be a chip, Lays Barbeque.
If I can add dip, Mission Chips with guacamole.

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I prefer cottage cheese with my Nacho Cheese Doritos, @johnpowell.

Also great with the Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits.

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Rte 11 BBQ Potato Chips

Never on sandwiches.

I also love Fritos with Cheese dip.

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Proper Crisps ~ Sea Salt

Eaten on their own, straight from the packet.

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Nacho Doritos if I’m eating a chip sandwich (with Miracle Whip).

Mmmm…pretzels and pimento cheese! Bread or no bread.

Snyder’s Honey Mustard and Onion pretzel chunks.

Frito’s Honey BBQ Twists.

I’m fickle. Whatever chip is in my hand is my favorite.

Pringle’s Honey Mustard.

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^^^ Crack in a bag

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I like Terra and Food Should Taste Good brands.

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Salt and Vinegar, hands down!! Doesn’t matter what kind, as long as you can taste the actual salt and especially the vinegar, I hate it when it tastes like they skipped your pack just to mess with your day haha

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Barfitos always live up to their name!

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