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What is this pain I'm having, a pinched nerve?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) April 28th, 2012

I’ve a shooting, tight pain down my hamstring that ends at a specific point in my feel. It feels tight, like a pinch, when I extend it in a certain way, and at a certain angle…sometimes so much so that it’s wince-inducing, really harsh pain.

Some backstory: I run and do yoga, quite a lot. However, the two seems to rub against each other in the wrong way at times—the running tightens me up, the yoga stretches me out. A while ago, I was overweight and had a bulged disk in my back, which may be a factor here.

In any case, this pain down my leg, which I imagine is a pinched nerve—I’ve felt it before, and rest and time took care of it. This time, it occurred after a long, hard run, followed the next day by a yoga session where my hammies were stretched and more agile than ever before….

Thank you! :)

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I think it stems from your back. Might be the bulged disk, or muscles in your back causing the pain to travel down the nerve. Do you have any lower back pain? It can be caused by the back problem even in the absence of back pain.

Make sure you are stretching after running. You might want to look up exercises for lower back (although if you do yoga, probably you already have string core muscles). Also, support your back well, and put your feet up when you can when sitting. Lastly, I recommend checking your vitamin D next time you are at the doctor.

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You might want to take some advil, 600mg, 2 or 3 times a day for a few days, and lay off extensive exercises for a week. Still doing easy exercises, walking, easy yoga positions, to let whatever might be inflamed and pressing on the nerve relax.

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It could be any number of things including sciatica. You really need to see a doctor to rule out disc issues.

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Best to see a doctor about back, disc or sciatica pain. He will, I hope, write you a script for an RX for physical therapy, where you will get advice pertaining to your unique problem and not those of others.

Now, let me tell you about my back..or, perhaps not.

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You seriously need to see a doctor. No one can diagnose you on the internet. Your back is nothing to mess around with.

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Here are some links if you want to read up on possibilities related to your back and the symptoms.

Wikipedia sciatica

Wedmd sciatica

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I’m having similar issues. Between my yoga instructor, my physical therapist, my Accupuncturist, and my doctor, I have been diagnosed with sciatica, peri formis issues, IT band issues or some combination. They all have different treatment ideas and some conflict. Tuesday I go to a sports medicine guy who I hope will order an MRI so wee can figure out exactly what it is and treat it correctly. I’ve been laying off it and have gained a few lbs. I cant handle to much longer of this. I think the pain is better than feeling crappy from inactivity.

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