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18th Birthday Celebration Ideas?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) April 28th, 2012

Hey everyone, lost time since I’ve been on here.
Hope everyone is doing well :)

My question tonight is “what are some great ways of celebrating a girls 18 birthday?”. I am asking because I will be turning 18 on the 19 of May and I want to plan ahead of time because I don’t want anything going out of hand.

I have been talking to my parents and I was thinking of maybe inviting a couple of close friends of maybe 10–15 or so to dinner, then we could be picked up at my house by a Limo that could drive us to and from dinner. I was also thinking of renting a place and have a party but my parent’s won’t allow any alcohol, and let’s be real here, it wouldn’t be as fun without any alcohol because you know how teenagers now a days are.

What are some great ideas and you’re all welcome to share your 18th birthday experiences or even telling me how you celebrated yours.

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Well I spent my 18th birthday on a bus bound for boot camp .. so I might not be much help.. but I’ll give it a shot.

I’d definitely refrain from anything that would get the cops invovled. xD

Umm… well. I’m scratching my head here. I have no idea what you like to do so. If you were into music I’d suggest going to a restaurant with a live band. If you were into art, I’d suggest going to the gallery which usually is “too far” to travel to. Do something memorable.

Ok.. I really have no ideas.. but I tried. xD

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@digitalimpression LOL thank you, it was entertaining to read and you did add to some ideas :) The one with live band sounds good. Keep them coming hehe

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My grandson’s girlfriend moved in with us for her 18th birthday. It has worked out wonderfully, so far. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, though.

No alcohol is very real. Don’t be fooled into thinking people can only have fun with alcohol. That is very dangerous thinking.

We took my son to San Francisco and gave him a credit card to use at the Wharf. He took a couple of his best friends and had a great time. It cost us about $200.

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What about doing something like going ten pin bowling (even barefoot lawn bowls), ice or roller skating or paintballing. Especially if you haven’t done it for years, it would be lots of fun as long as nobody gets too serious. You could do that during the day and then follow up with your dinner?

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The party without alcohol could be really fun. You could have a band or a DJ and dance. You could have it at a beach and play beach volleyball and have a bonfire.

I personally would find that more fun than just a dinner and limo ride.

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I never thought turning 18 was a big deal except that I was old enough to get married, which I did. At 18 you can sign legal contracts, get drafted, be prosecuted as an adult, get arrested if you have sex with a 17 year old but you still can’t drink a beer.

I was never much for birthday parties and especially ignored my 18th birthday. I would hold off until you are 21 then you can really party but make sure that your friends are also 21 or over otherwise you stand to be arrested for furnishing liquor to child. Birthdays, no big deal, just another day closer to death or adult responsibilities.

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No I don’t. How are teenagers now-a-days. Of course there can be no alcohol (if you are in the USA).

When my older daughter turned 18 she and a group of her friends had dinner and then went dancing at a Christian club for college students where no alcohol was served. 18 was the minimum age to get in. They had a blast. Something like that might not be available to you, but maybe it is. Or you might not be interested. My younger daughter took some girlfriends to the lake for the weekend. There were plenty of adults there and no alcohol. Have a fun 18th birthday.

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Are the intended guests as interested in make-up as you are? If so, you might look into hiring a salon for an evening of manicures/pedicures. Some may be willing to accommodate a buffet and beverage station.

If this isn’t the case, I think your idea of a limo and dinner in a restaurant is a winner.

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First, think about who you actually want at your party. If you’re inviting 10–15 just to say you’re inviting 10–15 people then you’re probably just wanting to fill space. Invite those who you feel will want to celebrate your 18th birthday with you, not those who are just coming along for the ride.

What do you want to get out of your 18th birthday? Do you want to do something that you’ll remember when you’re 60 years old or do you want to have good, honest fun?

Depending on what you like, look around for local events in your area. In Atlanta, there are free concerts at this venue called Atlantic Station every Friday night. It’s a chance to go out to dinner and then enjoy a concert on the lawn. It doesn’t involve alcohol, but it’s fun to those who don’t need much to be entertained.

You could consider going go-karting if you have money to spend or think of some project everyone can do together. It might sound sort of childish but I always loved decorating and tie dying shirts. If you’re with your close friends then you can all participate in something like that or do that then have a mini pool party.

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Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. @IzzyAndHerBeans reminded me, I forgot to mention that I was as well thinking of going go-karting with a few friends and we could then either have dinner afterwards or before. The go-kart place usually has discounts when in a group and such so since I doubt any of my friends have been before, I was thinking of just doing that.

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