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What is your MBTI type?

Asked by abysmalbeauty (2734points) April 30th, 2012

What is your MBTI type? Are you able to quickly and accurately type others who you interact with? Are you surprised about the types of people whom you develop relationships with friends or otherwise?

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ENTP the extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving type.
Or, the Enneagram type 7 “The Enthusiast” with a combo 6 & 7 wing of “The Entertainer & The Leader.”
I have been a big fan of the Enneagram for years and think it is a valuable tool for better understanding ourselves and others.
I enjoy many other personality types but my least compatible types are the ISFJ’s and the ENFJ’s…too much emotionality for me, thinkers and feelers can conflict. I cannot relate to people that confuse feelings with facts and distort rational arguments into emotional reasoning. lol

Of course, as always, it’s a matter of being on the healthier or less healthy side of the bell shaped curve. haha
While I am in touch with my feelings I don’t let them run roughshod over pragmatism nor control my decision making processes.
Healthy “feelers” can be amazingy caring people, but when unhealthy they are highly reactive and in the case of the ISFJ’s often extremely martyred and passive aggressive and manipulative.
I cannot tolerate passive aggressive or manipulative behaviors, being a direct, outspoken and “let’s solve the problem and move on” type.

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The “Idealist” or Counselor.
I align with Mother Theresa & Nelson Mandela.

Here’s a free MBTI test for anyone else that doesn’t already know their type.

@abysmalbeauty I’m not surprised. I am an activist in real life. I stand up for what I believe in and am willing to stick my neck out to create change. I tend to develop relationships or acquaintances with a wide range of people, and always have.

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INFJ, too.

I used to be INTG.. I guess I’m going all soft in my old age.

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ENFP / ENFP (two different pages)—I’ve gotten the same result since I was in college. Only recently have I moved from a strong E to a weak E.

Apparently, only 1% of the population is an ENFP, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

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@SpatzieLover Yes, and I have no doubt you are on the amazingly healthy side of the feelers. lol Truly some of the MOST altruistic and genuine types when in balance.
Unhealthy ENTPs can be extremely narcissistic, gah…I am always checking my ego as this is my worst fear. haha We are also the hedonists of the group, and this is my weak spot, wanting to literally INHALE the world, Food, drink, knowledge, experiences.

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@Coloma, True. I am on the healthy side of the feelers. I tend to feel a situation, then judge it, then act with reason. ;)

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Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
67 62 38 22

# distinctively expressed introvert
# distinctively expressed sensing personality
# moderately expressed feeling personality
# slightly expressed judging personality

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@linguaphile Yes, the ENTP’s are at 2%.
What’s really great about the Enneagram is you can check your levels of health/growth between high, average and low. I can see my progression over the years from average, to low, to a long term phase of extremely healthy and am very aware of what to watch for within my self especially during high stress times.

At our best our enthusiasm is contagious, we love sharing and are all inclusive, naturally joyful and optimistic and always up for fun and adventure, at our worst we can self destruct in over indulgence. lol

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This is interesting :)

I am INFJ and type 4.

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@abysmalbeauty My daughter is the Enneagram type 4 and true to type, very artistic, passionate, intense. lol

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@abysmalbeauty We’ve had this question a few times in the past. Some of them have been deleted. As I recall, there are lots of ENFJs & INFJs here in the collective

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I think it’s the common link of intuition that attracts me to all the “N” types.

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@Coloma I find myself drawn towards T’s and find it interesting that all of my romantic relationships have been with E’s I cant even imagine what a relationship with an I would be like….

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@SpatzieLover leave it to me to ask an unoriginal question lol

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I*** The N/S, F/T. J/P I tend to balance out on MBTI tests

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I keep forgetting. I find it to be irrelevant.

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Not surprisingly, my type is INTJ.

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@abysmalbeauty Haha, classic, and I am always attracted to the INT’s but, because I am so free spirited and many INT’s are anal and controlling, well…. not always a match made in heaven.
Gotta love us all, silly creatures we are.
My ex husband was extremely attracted to all my free spirited parts, but he was so mega linear and there was always a “right” way to do things. Gah…as long as it gets done forget the rigid protocol.
He used to get upset if I rearranged the house, he worried he might bump into things that were “out of place.” I told him if he didn’t go blind what’s the BFD? haha

I always joke it’s a wonder the species has survived this long, what with the male/female dichotomies and all the myriad temperaments, it’s a freaking WONDER! lol

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As always I am an ENFP.

And I am in the perfect occupation apparently.

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Five people here are INFJs, out of only a little over a dozen different people.

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INTJ. I used to be an INFJ but I appear to be getting cynical and hard-nosed in my old age. Haha.

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BRAT. Every time I test that’s what it comes out. Except once when I came out NERD.

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@wundayatta LOLOLOL very good, a whole new category. haha

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That’s funny @wundayatta when I looked over your shoulder, I saw BUTT ;P

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INFP – Idealist Healer

This is interesting; I’ve never done this before. Thank you for the question :)

Edit: I had my partner do it and she’s ESFJ (I checked the relationships out and, apparently, we are a natural match…cool).

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I’m an ESFJ now.

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Still trying to figure out exactly where @SpatzieLover was if she was looking over my shoulder and saw my butt. ;-)

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I got ENTP
Extravert(89%) iNtuitive(88%) Thinking(25%) Perceiving(22%)
You have strong preference of Extraversion over Introversion (89%)
You have strong preference of Intuition over Sensing (88%)
You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (25%)
You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (22%)

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