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Best Valentines gift for a teenage boy?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) February 5th, 2012

My boyfriend is 15 years old. I want to get him something, but I have no idea. What are some creative, inexpensive ways I can get him a good gift?

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Give him a banjo, if he’s musical.

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Write him a poem.

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Bake him a cake! Its cheap, always goes over well (at least all the times I’ve done it, which is quite a few!).

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Take him to a nice lunch? My son is 15 and his girlfriend did this and he loved it. Cost maybe $30—$40.

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Aren’t Valentine gifts anonymous and for someone that don’t know you fancy them?

(I never thought of thanking my wife for all the gifts I received over the last couple of years. Maybe that’s the reason that it isn’t the best time of the year for us.)

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My son is 18 but he and his mates took home economics because they got to eat the food. Cook him a meal. Doesn’t have to be anything to flamboyant. A home-made burger with salad and chips and something yummy for dessert would probably suit him just as well as something fancy.

Dress up in something pretty and set the table with a candle. I am sure he will love that you took the time.

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Get him a CD! Make sure it’s one he’ll like, maybe from a band he’s already a fan of that have brought out a new album. A thoughtful gift for $15! BOSH!

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Make him a playlist of songs that remind you of him :)

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Music that he likes (or that you both like).

Make a scrapbook of your relationship.

Make him a fancy, but easy chocolate dessert. Like Oreo Truffles.

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I’d have to say that at 15, anything would be completely mindboggling to me. But then, I didn’t have anything remotely close to a girlfriend until I was 18. Is your bf used to having girlfriends or is this all new to you?

One thing I’d worry about is overwhelming his present. Or worse, what if he doesn’t get you anything? But then, this doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know you exist.

I would not get him anything very big unless you know for sure he is going to make a dramatic gesture in return. Otherwise something small. Chocolates seem too much like a Mom or Dad gift. Flowers…. eh. He’s a guy. Is he a sensitive soul? An artist? Then a poem or a story or even a fancy homemade card would be nice.

Also it could be a book that means a lot to you. Maybe poetry.

Similarly, something that gets you off on your own together. Tickets to a show you both like. Or make a picnic and take him out to a park or the country or some place it’s just the two of you. If it’s cold outside, then it’s better to go inside, but not necessary. My first kiss took place outdoors in the snow. But I’m weird and I don’t recommend that. Her lips were like dead worms, I’m afraid. So, ixnay the old-cay.

Anyway, I think that’s what I would have liked best at that age—something personal, or a date somewhere where we could be just the two of us and I could dream of kissing. Of course, maybe kissing is no big deal to you, but I had never been kissed when I was 15. Sorry if my advice is so old-fashioned and irrelevant to be useless. Just an old man dreaming of a different past.

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It kind of depends upon how romantic your fellow is. My brother, at aged 15, was extremely romantic and went to great lengths to give the perfect gift to his girlfriend at the time.

Other guys are not romantic at all, and might be embarrassed by anything too lovey-dovey (especially if you guys have not uttered those three little words to each other, yet).

My first thought is for you to find out from his Mom, what his favorite foods are, then invite him on a picnic in the park or to the beach.

My second thought is that you have a close friend take a lovely photograph of you. Not a slutty photo, but something with you in a wistful pose with flowers in the background. Something like this but with your own spin on it.

The restaurant where I used to work, would make heart shaped pizzas on Valentine’s day. You could call around, or you could even make one yourself.

Make a coupon book for a back rub, a foot massage, a home made meal, a cake, some cookies or whatever you think might appeal to him.

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The best thing is something you make for him. A poem, a heartfelt letter or card, etc.

A special day that you create is also a gift worth giving and getting.

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^^^ I would have to agree with blueiiznh, I STILL have cards and drawings my bf gave me when I was your age, many years later :)

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