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How many of you sleep with a fan running at night?

Asked by john65pennington (29243points) May 4th, 2012

For many years, my family has always been “fan-running” people, to help them sleep at night. This tradition has carried into my family as well as my children and grandchildren.

Question: do you run a fan at night to help you sleep? If so, what is so inticing about a fan running and sleep to you?

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Gaah I can’t stand that. I need total silence when I sleep, and fans are annoying. I don’t actually mind constant humming sounds as I sleep, as long as they don’t go on and off. But a fan is too close and too loud.
My roomate does that though, but she does it more to have the fan wind on her rather than for the sound.

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Nah, not here in england town, way too cold as it is.
I am however frequently kept awake by the sound of my daughter’s hamster running on it’s bloody wheel.
I will swing for the little bugger one of these fine days.

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It is the white noise that is the attraction. A constant, steady hum can be sleep-inducing for some people. Also, it masks out other sounds like the house settling which might keep you from sleeping.

I don’t usually use a fan, but I know people who do.

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I do in the summer. Not for the white noise sound, but for the air movement. Otherwise the room gets too stuffy.

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Only in the summer when temperatures climb.

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I never did, but my partner requires one and I’ve now gotten habituated.

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I suspect you are asking about a ceiling fan.
I only have a window fan, which we use when the temps get too high. Then, it is on a temperature control.

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When I was younger I had a fan in my room during the summer that we ran just on very hot nights. Now, I hate a fan running. Any kind of fan, even a ceiling fan. I hate it during the day and night if it is blowing directly on me. My husband sometimes runs the ceiling fan in the summer, I can usually sleep through it, but I rather it was not on.

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I use a box fan in the summer. I think it is for the white noise as others have said and also to keep the air moving. Funny though, I can’t use a ceiling fan as it stops up my sinuses.

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In the summertime, the windows are open and, since we live in the city, there’s a lot of noise. A fan helps both keep the air circulating and to cover the noise.

On nights when it is too hot, we close the windows and run the a/c, which also provides white noise. We may or may not keep the fan running at the same time.

My boy, age 12, has started running his radio all night. He listens to NPR, which tends to run the BBC news at night. He says it is white noise and helps him sleep. I wonder. What if he is subliminally listening to all the news? Might not that be disturbing? I don’t know.

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We have s ceiling fan which we might turn on a couple days a year in August if we have one of those Southern California monsoonal events. But otherwise, to produce “white noise” – no.

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I do, in the summer.

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In summer, yes.
All year long I use white noise on my alarm clock.

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When it’s hot, yes. Otherwise, no.

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Ayesha, how come this does not surprise me, at all? jp

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My husband has a thing about fans. It used to piss me off when we first got together because he HAD to have a fan running. The only fan we had was not a whisper quiet one. It was noisy and it clunked. We had teenagers in the house then, and I couldn’t hear what was going on upstairs during the night. Not cool.
We have a ceiling fan now. And we have an attic fan that we run when the weather is right…like it is now. It’s WONDERFUL!

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Summertime, otherwise I don’t. I’m a light sleeper.

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Nope. Keeps me awake.

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I hate noise when I am trying to sleep. The sound of a fan would drive me crazy.

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I don’t, but the other people who live in my house do, including a big fan at the head of the hall to help with circulation.

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I don’t mind a fan if it’s keeping me cool. But otherwise, I don’t like to sleep to white noise.

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I don’t like the noise of it but living in one of gawds’s armpits (AZ) makes it a near necessity.

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If it’s hot, or even warm, outside, then using a fan to circulate the air helps me sleep better.

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I have a fan going when I sleep. At first I did this only in the Summer because of the heat, but I came to enjoy the white noise effect, so now it’s on year-round.

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Good grief, I want to make my flat warmer, not cooler! I don’t own a fan and have absolutely no use for one.

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