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What non-shooter game really tests a top line graphics card?

Asked by gary4books (315points) May 5th, 2012

I am getting a Dell XPS 850 with a really hot graphics card and want to test it with a game, but am not good at the shooter or other quick reflex games. Do any use super good graphics and perhaps an interaction that will let me see what I have paid for? Otherwise I will use it to edit video and RAW pictures and that ought to be test enough. Still, I may find a game I really like.

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Modern RPGs.

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Get Skyrim. I suck at moving out of the way too so, in that game, I’ve upped my armour skill like crazy….and I’m a mage of sorts. Sometimes I die but it’s not a big deal.

The game is beautiful.

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Get Anno 2070.
It is a strategy game, so you have time to think about what you do. And it looks amazing.

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Second Life. It’s not a new “game” but it’s really heavy on graphics. If you can run on Ultra settings with shadows and depth of field on, and get a frame-rate high enough to actually allow you to walk around, you’re doing really well.

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I tried second life once. The graphics are garbage.

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Total War: Shogun 2 is a great strategy game that takes place in old-time Japan. It’s a pretty great game, and it’s pretty graphically demanding.

Otherwise, I’d recommend The Witcher 2 over Skyrim as far as RPGs go. It’s a bit more difficult, and the world isn’t as open as Skyrim, but it’s amazingly well done. The combat is more varied, and the game looks absolutely beautiful.

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Many were telling me to look at Fluther again. This was my recon. Not bad answers, but I still do not see what I want to see. Perhaps there really are no programs to follow up on Myst. I just do not like shooting all those guns. Not now.

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@ragingloli Three words. User Created Content. It depends on the skill of the builder. If you’re in a region built by a professional with talent, it’s pretty awesome. If you’re in a typical place built by a novice (like me) it’s rubbish.

Either way, it’s heavy on the graphics capabilities of the computer.

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Graphics are not all about geometric complexity.
There is texture resolution, surface effects like reflections, bump mapping, normal mapping, displacement mapping, subsurface scattering, specularity and refraction. Then there are lighting effects, like global illumination, high dynamic range lighting, volumetric lighting, caustic effects, soft dynamic shadows, and ambient occlusion.
And finally there is particle effects, like smoke and explosions.

Compare Crysis 2
to Second Life

The difference is like night and day supernova explosion

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Only a marginal improvement.

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