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What should I wear at the dance?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) March 5th, 2010

So this coming Tuesday all 10TH graders are going to have dinner at school for our graduation and after that we are going dancing with all the schools in our community. I’m getting really stressed as the day gets closer… I haven’t chosen what I am going to wear. My skin is black by the way (African) what do you think would suit me? How should I have my hair, make up, shoes, dresses etc.
P.S I don’t want to over do it so have it simple please ;)
And yeah I have a lot of chicken pox scars on my skin. I got the chicken pox like 1 year ago. How can I hide them?

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There are too many questions here.
Could you be more specific about which question is most important to you.
Your clothes?
Your makeup?
Or are you looking for an answer to all these questions?

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how about a spaghetti strap dress with a glittery long scarf around your neck. Strappy high heel shoes. Try wearing your hair up. Go to Sephora and buy some Cover Mark for your skin. Your scars will fade over time, if you can, try to see a dermatoligist to treat them.

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@partyparty , sorry about that. I would like to get answers for everything ;)

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Think cocktail attire. This should be a mid-length dress in a colour of your choice with nice, comfortable heels. For example

I don’t know what your hair is like, but don’t worry too much about it. If you hair is healthy and clean, it will look beautiful out. To make it more interesting and a bit more glamorous, you can add a thin headband like this

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Oh wow thank you @iphigeneia , I really like everything you linked for me ;) especially the dresses ;D

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You’re welcome :) The most important thing about choosing an outfit is that it makes you feel happy, so have fun!

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thank you and I will because I am going with my friends who are really good and they promissed me that they won’t leave me hannging alone there ;D

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I wore shorts and a T-Shirt to my prom. Now that’s classy :)

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@Jeremycw1 , OMG!! really??? thats cool, I am sure you were very different from everyone elsexD

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@Thesexier haha yeah I did. I went with my friend who wore gym shorts and a grateful dead shirt. he’s a hippie haha

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