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What Was Your High School Mascot?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) May 28th, 2008


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Oh yeah, mine was the Spartan

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Another question. Remember your middle school mascot?

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Mine was the Hawks.

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High School: The Lancers
Junior High School: The Cougars
Elementary School: The Gladiators

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High school was the Bruins and middle school was the eagles.

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Miller… I come from a part of the country where logging was a huge part of the economy.

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High school was Pegasus.
Middle school was a book. >.>

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High School mascot is currently a lion. I wore the suit once at Relay for Life.

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High School Titans and Bears (two schools).

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elementary-high school:bearcat.
high school:buccaneer.
i went to two different high schools

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Ours was actually Snoopy.

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HAHAHA. Pegasus?

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Snoopy? That’s awesome.

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We were actually called the Flyers, but the mascot was Snoopy on the dog house. I believe, if you go here look under sports. You know it’s a high school if it has a wiki!

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Elementary – Gators
First Junior High – Lions
Second Junior High – Eagles
High School – Blue Devils
First College – Falcons
Second College – Aggies (We’re called the Aggies, our mascot is a blue mustang – as in the horse – named Gunrock.)

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elementry school: the Aztecs
middle school: the raiders
high school: the wolverines
college: the comets

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We were called the Plainsmen. When I was in elementary school, we were represented by a Native American with a tomahawk. He looked angry and of course that was an issue. For the remainder of my time there we had no visual representation of the Plainsmen other than an ‘S’ (for Shenendehowa, the name of the school district). I hear that they have adopted a stallion mascot in recent years, but that makes no sense to me.


(In college we were the Bulls)

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Middle School: Pirate
High School: Raider (it was just a manlier looking pirate)

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@Jstring: Yeah, we were academics only. No sports. The Pegasus was a symbol of scholarly ambition.

Our school motto was from act 2 scene 2 of hamlet.

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High school and middle school: Marauder.

My football coach used to say “You know what marauders do? They pillage and conquer other towns!”
He once said “They pillage and rape,” but that didn’t go well with the parents…

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ohmygosh mt, snoopy was my hs mascot as well, in fact we were the 1st that CS gave permission to use him.

You didn’t go to HS in SoCal, did you?

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A governor. That’s right, as in an elected official. I wonder who comes up with these things…?

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Jr. High mascot was Roadrunners.
In high school it was the Vikings.
I remember we had this real lame viking statue in front of the school and our arch rivals, Elk Grove High, used to paint it pink. We had to constantly clean it off as they kept vandalizing it. Eventually the school just took the statue down, which was good as it looked so amateurish.

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@mt Just saw your later post.
Small world. Not the same HS, but my mom went to Minden High and got her RN in Shreveport.

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@see That’s about 30 minutes away, but still on I-20, so hey. Actually in Monroe now.

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go tigers!

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Elementary School: Bullfrogs
Jr. High School: Thunderbirds
High School: Sundevils
College: Rams

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Rattlers. it was Texas after all.

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Elementary: Gators
Middle: Vikings
High: Lancers

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