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What is the best way to search patents?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) May 14th, 2012

I use often but a lot of the older patents aren’t found and none of the drawings are available. Where can I search for patents and easily view the drawings?

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Google. Google just completely revamped and improved their patent capabilities.

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I would also suggest Google Patents

The site is easy to use, the cross references, in terms of other patents that cite that patent are good and they provide both a text version and a PDF version that is downloadable, of the original patent with all tables and a link to any drawings filed with the patents.

Some sites don’t go back all that far and I don’t know how far Google goes back. Sometimes, hen I miss my dad, I do a Google patent search on him, it’s kind nerdy I guess, but they have all of his, back to 1963. And, I just popped in 1833 into the search and got one hit, at least. So Google’s database goes back at least that far, but I don’t know how complete their database is, in terms of the much older patents.

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Your local Patent and Trademark Resource Center should be able to help. You can also search for European patents online.

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