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What is it that makes popping sounds when you stretch?

Asked by pieceofapuzzle (194points) May 19th, 2012

When my arms feel a little stiff I’ll stretch and hear a “pop” or “crack” in my wrists or elbows. It doesn’t hurt. I am just curious.

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I can pop my elbows every 30 minutes or so. I believe it has something to do with a build up of gas in the joints.

edit: some good info here

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The honset answer is that no one knows. There are several theories of which cavitiaton (the implosion of a gas bubbles within the joint) is the most popular. When you stretch the joint you increase the size of the joint and so reduce the pressure of the fluid within the joint, this allows gas disovled in the joint fluid to leave the solution and form a buble. Immediately the bubble forms it collapses in on itself (ie implodes) and thats where you get the sound. Cavitaition within mechanical systems can caused damage to components so there is certainly the energy there to make an audible noise.

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Usually it’s gas in the joints. It can also come from injuries. Have you banged them up? I have nicks in my knee joints that click. I grossed out an intern one time. Ewww is not part of the medical training I’m guessing.

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My spine usually makes machine gun noises when I twist it.

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Don’t know.

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There’s a weasel in there.

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