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What exercise do you perform regularly and find the most beneficial?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33006points) May 19th, 2012

I love walking briskly. Actually, I walk fast. I used to walk around a beautiful park in my town that I lived near. I moved, so now I just walk up and down a nearby street.

Sometimes I carry weights to get some upper body work out.

What exercise do you enjoy enough that you do it regularly or even routinely?

What exercise gives you the most bang for the buck?

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Walking – I currently walk on average about 10 miles a week. I also do Aquacise (water aerobics) 2 -3 times a week.

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I love tennis, I used to play hard singles every day. Unfortunately since I moved to Australia it seems no one over 21 plays singles especially women. So I have switched to running. It is good because you can do it anywhere, anytime and all you need are your sneakers. You don’t need a partner or a wall to hit against. We also walk the dogs twice a day and bike a fair bit but nothing gets the heart pumping like a run. If you don’t quite know how to start, go to this site, it is for beginners and has all the information you need. And where you live swimming laps would be a good choice as well.

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Most days I bike to work, 12 miles each way. On the job I’m a lot more clear-headed thanks to the exercise. Plus it hardly takes any extra time. Driving or taking the train to work is 45 minutes, biking is 50 minutes (45 minutes with a tail-wind when I catch all the green lights).

Bang for the buck, though is running. I could lose a few pounds and cycling does not make me any lighter. I have to run 3+ miles 3+ times a week to work off the winter weight.

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I just like walking on the river trails near my house. I’m not a hardcore workout type and I do have weights I used to use more but a nice 2 mile brisk walk is good enough for me. Then I come home and have a beer or 3 and sit in my hot tub. haha
I used to walk/jog 3 miles a day for years and years and ride my horse 10 miles a week on mountain trails with interspersed hiking and also do a pretty extensive weight routine. I’ve fallen off that wagon the last handful of years, I’m freaking TIRED, these days, plumb wore myself out the last 35 years. lol

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I get the most out of yoga. It might not burn the most calories, but it ain’t for sissies! It also helps me keep my mind focused.
For the rest of the time I go to a trainer and just do what I’m told. pretty much circuit training.
When I am slacking my family notices the difference in a matter of days. I get flaky, and they start calling me Dory.

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I’m a waterbug. I swim every day.

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Mozambique drill.

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I do HeavyHands with 15 pound dumbbells on odd numbered days, and lift free weights on even numbered days. I walk 220 paces for each set, and do sets of forward punches, overhead punches, forward punches with the dumbbells horizontal and palms over the top, forward punches with horizontal dumbbells and palms under them (more like a curl), and then finally the full windmill the exercise’s inventor, Dr. Leonard Schwartz is doing in the linked image. Between each set, I cool down for 220 paces just pumping the weights in a circular motion from the arms full down to up waist high. It is incredibly easier than the aforementioned motions.

Dr. Schwartz was in his 70s, BTW, when that picture was taken. So you get an idea of the upper body development it gives. He designed it trying to create a full body workout like cross-country skiing, because cross country skiers are some of the most aerobically fit athletes on Earth

The odd day/even day schedule may sound a bit strange, but the rationale is simple. You can do HeavyHands every day, but you need a day of rebound between free-weight sessions to let the muscles rebuild. So on 31 day months, I do HeavyHands on the 31st and the 1st. Keeps me from having to remember which exercise I did yesterday.

Maybe I need a HeavyBrains workout too. When the weather gets nice and warm this summer, I’ll do a YouTube video sharing all the motions and showing what a industrial strength aerobic workout it is. I’m 68 now, and I’m built just about exactly like Dr. Schwartz is in that picture. I just have more hair. :-)

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Walking up and down 3 flights of stairs. I’m working up to doing it twice a day regularly
Actually, my best exercising was dancing, jazz, tap and ballet. I had to stop because I lost my ability to spot. I couldn’t refocus my eyes quickly anymore. Nothing else was snapping back into place fast, why should my eyes.

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Situps keep the abs tight. Running stairs or up hills, great for your butt and legs. I love pull ups, bench press, and the rope thing that you pull down for your triceps. I like the seated calf extension? where you sit and work your calves.

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Cycling, Volleyball, Swimming.

No specific rank or order. Certainly not simultaneous acts.

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Every day I start out with the following calisthenics:
70 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 3 sets of 15 pull-up, 60 dips, 150 hamstring curls on the exercise ball, 40 hand-offs with the exercise ball, 300 flutter-kicks (laying on my back with legs extended), 150 leg-lifts with 10 pound ankle weights (right and left legs separately) and 80 roll-outs on my knees with an exercise wheel.

The above is just my warm-up. Then I typically will go out for an 8 mile run. Or a one mile swim. Or leg weight training: hamstring curls 20 K x 125reps x 3 sets, quad curls 26K x 125 reps x 3 sets plus 30 minutes on the Concept II rowing machine averaging 155 watts. On nice warm days I sometimes do 20 miles of interval work on my mountain bike (I can get that heavy pig up to 25 mph for short distances on the flats).

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Brisk walking uphill and downhill. When the weather is bad the exercise machine at home. Also going to the gym twice a week.

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