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What do you do when you're home alone?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) May 29th, 2008

and nobody else is around.

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Fluther, apparently.

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Read a book.

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Blast my music as loud as I want.

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Waste time on the internet, listen to music loud, let the outside dog (that’s supposed to stay outside) inside, and occasionaly walk around naked.

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@stuff12; Feel free but remember – whack.

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Read, work, play with my dogs, write emails and letters, Fluther, dance, garden, rarely I clean house.

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sing like I’m winning American Idol and dance :)

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Truth be told, I once got left home from a trip that my family was taking, around Christmas time, and there were these criminals that were going and robbing houses around our hood. Well once, they tried to get into my house, but I scared them off. But after repeated attempts of entry and multiple calls to the police(they just ignored me), I shaved and applied aftershave and fended them off for myself. The weird thing is, it happened to me three more times after the first time too.

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I do this!

@gail I lurve your comment, hilarious!

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I rather enjoy doing nothing. Except I do like craigslist. Ummm, and the New York Times (yuppish indeed). Reading. Cooking. And, an occasional go around with my Slim G.

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anything you normally dont do

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I blast music and sing along too but I like to take long luxurious baths

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Listen to CD’s , fluther and enjoy myself.

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