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Making big changes in your life--should they be avoided or embraced?

Asked by skfinkel (13526points) May 29th, 2008

This is about selling a house I’ve had for 30 years. It’s so hard to do. Maybe for the best?

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If change is unavoidable then embrace it.

If change will help you grow or take you to a better place embrace it.

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I think that without large-scale changes nothing in life will progress at all… the end of this good home relationship can give you the opportunity to begin another! I do hope that you have a new, exciting plan for the next home. Moving is hard, but just imagine the view from the new kitchen window… ^_^

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That’s a big one. It is high up on the stress-o-meter.

Take the time you need to think about it and to grieve its loss. Then, if it feels right do it.

You can’t go back to the time in the house really, even if you moved back into it, it would not be the same.

Here’s wishing you a smooth transition and happy times in whatever home you end up in.

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Consider the pros and cons as objectively as possible, make your decision, and try not to second-guess yourself afterwards.

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To change with change, is to achieve a changeless state! -Bruce Lee

I’m sure you have a multitude of memories in that house, but you know it’s time to move on! (no pun intended)
Are you planning to travel, or are you gonna move in with Ben? HaHaHa

Best of wishes!

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“The only thing that stays the same is change.”
Melissa Etheridge

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I have actually moved from the house, and have been renting to others for the past few years. Every time I go back, though, I wonder—would I ever want to be in it again?

Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

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Embrace Change. This could be the start of a new adventure for you and the possibilites are endless. You could take the money form the sale of the house and move somewhere else and buy a new house. A house that you may even like as much as your old house. Think positively.

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I think it depends upon your motivation. It is a big change, that much you’ve already acknowledged. What is your reasoning for wanting to sell? No need to tell me or others, just to ask yourself. If it’s for the money, then ask yourself if it’s truly necessary.

Because it’s not just an object, it’s a place where you’ve stored memories, if you do sell, you will always have some degree of regret. The question is how much. Try to think ahead ten or even twenty years from now and how you see yourself looking back on the decision you made. Will you have wished that you had decided differently?

If it’s part of a much larger decision to, for example, move across the country, and signifies hanging on to something, then maybe you should part with it, and not look back about having made the decision to do so.

Finally, I may just be reading far too much into your question than I should. I do that sometimes.

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