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The bride wants to live out her “red carpet fantasies” on her wedding day in a bridal gown that leaves little to the imagination. Your advice?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) May 29th, 2008
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A redneck wedding?

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It is the Bride’s big day. If she has her heart set on wearing a revealing gown then that is what she should wear.

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Just let her have “Her Day”! If you can, post a link to a picture of the dress, so we can see what you’re talking about!

Best Wedding Wishes!

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Post a link to the pic, I want to see what a skanky wedding dress looks like!

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what is the skin vs dress ratio?

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Your relationship to the bride? Mom or very close friend could gently steer the bride toward a more flattering choice. Page through wedding magazines and point out styles that would flatter her.

In the end, though, it’s all about what she wants. Unfortunately, I am not sure when the wedding became an opportunity for total; self-indulgence, but it seems to be happening more and more.

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Ok, I take it back, this one is much better…..

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syz~ lmao its like a hooters wedding

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@syz Oh my GOD! You know that those girl’s fathers had to be beet red while giving them away!

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The groom looked a little embarrassed himself

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Well, saves on the trousseau. No need with either of those dresses to buy something special and sexy for the honeymoon.

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Advice? Post pics, of course.

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What’s your relationship to the bride? Will she listen to your advice?

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At least the second dress does not have the panty line issue that the first one does.

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Seriously now, has she asked you what you think?

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@syz those were too funny. I wonder if those brides lost a bet to one of their girlfriends or something…

@Whattodo if your fiance has anything in mind like either of those 2 dresses, you might have bigger things to worry about then the dress (like spending the rest of your life with someone who lacks the ability to think rationally).

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What level of revealing are we talking about? Is it a Halle barry imitation flower dress like this?

Or going overly leggy like this?

Or something going both directions like this?.

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@delirium Shudder! Is one of those worse than another? Is this what comes of the Bridezilla phenomenon? Or is this the influence of pornography on bridal fashion? (See other thread.)

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I don’t know, it scares me though! I don’t understand how corperate weddings have become, too.
I can tell you here and now that my wedding dress will most likely be a full dress version of this with less pink. And that the rings will be made by artisans.

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Much more interesting and original and arty!

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I’m an art geek, its in the job description.

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@delirium does your boyfriend know you’ve already picked out your wedding dress?

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Does it count if the groom is totally variable in my vision?

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it helps, but I know I’d be nervous if I was your significant other… ;)

I just hope you don’t have your shoes picked out too….

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I’m planning not to wear shoes, actually. ;)

Hahahaha, sure you’d be nervous, but you’d be lucky!

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