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Trivial Fashion Question of the Day: Which of these bridesmaid dresses should I choose?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15608points) March 7th, 2014

I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding in May. She picked out the color champagne for the dresses, but is allowing us to choose our own style. I haven’t been able to find a single thing in a store, so it appears I’ll have to order something from online.

I’ve chosen to order from a company through Amazon called CocoMelody even though the $30 shipping cost is outrageous, simply because you can’t beat the fantastic reviews. I’m trying to choose between these two dresses:

One and Two

Yeah, yeah, I know they’re very similar, both being knee-length strapless corset dresses. Both have great reviews as well. It’s a rustic-theme wedding, so we’ll be wearing cowgirl boots (that I have yet to purchase). So, I’m wondering which of these dresses would probably look best with the boots. They both have the corset tie-up back with a side zipper that many have had issues with, but is easily fixed/replaceable. The obnoxious flower is detachable on both.

For reference, I’m about 5’5” and 135 lbs. I’m ordering a medium and will take it in if I need to.

So, let’s take a vote: one or two?

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I definitely love #2. I like the cut – it looks a little western-ish with that underskirt frill and the overskirt side-hike thing going on.

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I liked one until I got to your comments about the theme and the boots. I liked it’s classic lines. But I think two goes better with the boots and the theme.

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Two. Both are very nice, though.

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Both are nice dresses, I like #1, #2 with the angled sash or whatever the waist wrap is called IMO might make your bustline look skewed. None of the reviews brought that up as an issue so I could be wrong there. #2 also had quite a few complaints about the zipper being a problem and one girl even got stuck in the dress. Since it is the same Mfr, I would expect #1 to have similar concerns. Both dresses got rave reviews for the overall quality and value.

#1 just has a very classy look to it with clean lines. #2 almost looks like a toga wrap and I know I would have issue with the flap seam on the front getting in the way or not looking just right.

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I prefer #1. Didn’t care for the side split ruffle on #2 or the bunching material in the bodice. Also, there are smoother lines through the waist of #1. Less material would give the appearance of a slimmer waistline.

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For what it’s worth, dress one is the choice to take, dress two has far too much going on.

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I like the 2nd one.

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I like the first one for its simplicity. The other is too busy. Can’t really see either of them with cowboy boots though, but I guess that’s not your call.

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I like #1 a lot. Classy. I really don’t like #2. Busy, showy.

It looks like you can pay a little extra and send your measurements to get a custom dress. Many people complained that the dresses were smaller than advertised. I’m sure you’ve read all of that already.

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I like both of them. I’ve never worn cowboy boots in my life, so take this for what it’s worth….I thought number 1 would look nicer with them.

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I decided on two and just ordered it. I don’t plan on wearing elaborate cowgirl boots, so I don’t mind the dress being a bit “showy.” It’s a wedding after all, and the bride really likes that dress as well. The first one is nice, but I’m worried it will camouflage my already small bust, and it’s a bit boring. I really like both, but I think two is best for this particular wedding.

Thanks everyone!

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@anniereborn You’ve NEVER worn cowboy boots? Wow, you must have missed the Garth Brooks/ Urban Cowboy phase.

Seriously though, unless you ride or farm, there’s probably not a lot of need for them, although some are very cool, check out Baby Phat’s for ladies.

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@KNOWITALL I’ve never worn a pair either, which is probably something like a sin here in South Carolina. I’m pretty excited about owning a pair though. Maybe I’ll be one of these girls walking around Walmart in a demin mini skirt and cowboy boots. Ha…maybe not, but I’m sure I’ll find some use for them after the wedding.

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@livelaughlove21 Walmart, I think that’s more sweats and flip-flops right?! <shudder>

We have a lot of cowgirl sheik looks here, Brazil and Australia have a lot of those looks, too, it’s kind of cool.

I kind of like the sundress with boots look, although I can’t do the hats…lol, I bet you’d look super-cute in boots, with your small frame. You and hubs can have matching ones and go out line-dancing…hahahaha!

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@KNOWITALL HA! Josh wouldn’t be caught dead in cowboy boots. He’s in the wedding as well, but the guys are wearing regular boots (don’t ask). He’s more of a sneakers guy, so I’m thinking he’s going to try to keep the boots clean and return them after the wedding. I keep telling him boots might look better than his plain old white Nikes, but old habits are hard to break. I just got him to stop buying carpenter jeans (Hallelujah!), so one step at a time!

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You ordered the dress I liked! The only thing that I didn’t like about either of them was the big flower at the top. It seemed unnecessary for such pretty dresses.

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With cowgirl boots I would choose #1. The ruffle on the skirt is too much, I think, and would make the whole outfit ‘busy.’
The first dress is simple enough to be gorgeous and not compete with the boots.
side note: if you have hips the ruffle would make them look larger in photos.

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@KNOWITALL Yeh I missed that phase…on purpose. I have never liked any of the cowboy/girl looks for myself. I have lived my entire life in Chicagoland, not really a big cowboy boots kind of place.

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@tedibear Same here. Luckily, the flower is detachable. That thing will be in the trash the minute I get it.

@anniereborn My parents would beg to differ. All of their honky-tonk days took place in Chicago. Most specifically, at Carol’s Pub on North Clark Street. My mom was a waitress there and my biological father played in the band (country, of course) with my step-father’s uncle. Oh yeah, back in the 80s and 90’s when it was all Travis Tritt and Alan Jackson, big cowboy hats and boot scootin’. The good ole days.

@GloPro Bigger hips with a smaller waist? No problemo.

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It’s interesting that some people think that the second dress is busy. This monstrosity is busy. If I were going out to a club, yeah, the skirt might be a bit much, but a wedding? It’s a solid color with some details. I don’t see what’s so busy about it.

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That’s not busy, that’s fucking dreadful, looks like a puddle of piss.

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I had both pics open and was clicking back and forth between them! It was cool!

Well, I really like the 2nd dress as formal wear, but I think the first would look best with cowboy boots. I think the straight lines are more like the lines of the boots.

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@livelaughlove21 Big Bird Goes To Prom!!

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@Dutchess_III Well, I never! Ha-ha!

Actually, the last thing I would ever want is a cowboy themed wedding anyway. But it is what it is, and this dress is about as cute as you can get with cowboy boots.

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Wait! I was referring to the dress @livelaughlove21 posted here

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Oh, I missed that. Hahahahahaha!

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I like the first one better.

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Number two but take the rosette off.

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I like #2 much better.

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I like the first one. The second one is to fru-fru for my taste. Lose the flower.

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I like fru-fru. :)

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@Skaggfacemutt Me, too. For weddings anyway.

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UPDATE: I received the dress yesterday. Not nearly as cute in person and too small, so it’s going back. $30 in shipping plus the return shipping down the drain for a $60 dress. If the return shipping is $20+, I’m not even going to bother returning it. For what? $10? No thanks. In fact, I may just try to sell it on Facebook and skip all the hassle.

I’ve decided to just go to David’s Bridal and get something there. At least I’ll know what it looks like on me, even if I have to drop $100—$150 for it. I’m certainly not paying another $30 for them to ship the other dress. I wasn’t too impressed with the quality anyway.

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Oh, that is too bad! Won’t the company pay for the return shipping? It is always a gamble to get clothes on the internet.

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@Skaggfacemutt Nope. They sure won’t. They’ve been a bit difficult through the entire process, so I’d rather not deal with them anymore.

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