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What labor saving device do you wish someone would invent now?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) June 5th, 2012

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

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Self-clipping cat nails and self-cleaning litter box.

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Second to the self cleaning litter box. I’d also like a device which would remove the itch from my back once and for all.

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^^ Self-cleaning litter box that actually works would be fabulous!

I’d also like a robot that can give the perfect back massage.

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The replicator.

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A device that would make me supreme ruler of Earth, so that I don’t have to lift a finger to do anything anymore.

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The self cleaning litter box has been invented, problem is it’s really freekin expensive. I do hate dealing with filthy litter box(es)

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A washing machine that also dries, irons and neatly folds clothes.

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That already exists. It is called a wi-I am so sorry.

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@ragingloli I resemble that remark

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@woodcutter Yes, but it never works right. My grandmother tried two different ones and they both sucked, LOL!

@ragingloli LMAO! Damn you for reminding me that I need to do laundry again.

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Everything that came to mind, already exists and that scares me. We really are a lazy society.

Hmm, maybe some gentle, electric hair-washer. When you have long hair and it’s oily, you understand how time-consuming and difficult it is to disperse the shampoo evenly on the scalp. There’s always a patch where the bubbles don’t reach properly and you don’t feel like you’ve done a thorough job.

See, now that just sounds retarted and neurotic and strangely like an advertisement, wtf. I take it back; I love my food, water and shelter.

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Self-Packing House. A house that packs itself.

If not that, then a self-loading and unloading truck.

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Have digital clocks been invented that reset themselves when the power glitches and makes it 12:00 all over the house? I’ll take 5 maybe 6.

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Remote control for the wife, pause/mute being just 2 delightful features.

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Hehe, I’d like one of those for my husband and kids sometimes!

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I believe they’re a unisex product yes.

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A taser suit. Tasers aren’t usually able to be reached by the time your grabbed so if you ever have a stalker you can just put on a thin rubber suit under your clothes with prongs sticking out. Of course there would be problems with giving the skin to breath but I’m sure problems can be taken care of. Plus if you’re ever think you’ll have to run from the cops, you’d be taser proof and once they tackle you, you can laugh as you get away.

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Seconding the replicator. I also want a bed that can wake me up like this.

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A transmogrifier.

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Tim Hortons, the restaurant (or any busy fast food place that employs and underpays student drones); they should just make the entire store into a giant factory. I’ve planned this out: orders are automatic (a computer records them when customers punch their orders in). Then, conveyor belts and various machines make the coffee, bagels, sandwiches.

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@flutherother That’s called us—women.

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A system that will find anything you’ve misplaced. I’m not sure how it would work, but all you’d have to do is think of the thing you are looking for and you would know where it was. I kind of remember having something like that, but I lost it too. What was is called? Oh, yeah. Memory. Can they create artificial memory that really works?

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3rd (4th? 5th?) to the self-cleaning litter box, but adding in that it must take that litter out to the trash, and then refill the litter/cartridges/whatever.

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The CatGenie claims to be self-cleaning. I’m fairly certain that my cats would still prefer the carpet.

I’d like an AutoOxygen device—breathing is so boring, and every breath costs energy that should be spent more pleasantly on leisure activities.

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Oh my ultimate dream would be the self driving car! I believe they are really working on this one. It will be great for all those people who like to talk on their cell phones whilst trying to drive. Just put the car on auto pilot!

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The google car has been driving around the country for a year or two now. They have only had one accident, but they said the car was being driven manually at the time.

I would bet you will see your dream, @Earthgirl, within a decade or two.

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The vagina dentata, a la Neal Stephenson. A version of it already exists!

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