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Little pieces of glass in my arm, help!

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) June 9th, 2012

Okay so I was pouring water at the dinner table, the glass started to slip and I caught it, but it shattered upon contact with my arm. I rubbed my hand over my arm and it hurts, much like a really bad bruise. I looked closer and I could see little pieces of glass in my arm. My mom doesn’t care at all and thinks I’m lying; what can I do? They are really REALLY small.

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Your mom thinks you are LYING?

Uh…. can you emancipate yourself?

I haven’t had this problem but I have had MANY glass slivers in my feet. What I would do is soak the area in hot water to loosen up the skin, then go at it with tweezers and a magnifying glass. Sometimes I would get them out, sometimes I wouldn’t.

Hopefully someone else here can give you more precise advice. But I would say, if you can’t get all of the pieces out in a week’s time, go see a doctor.

Best of luck!

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Get some duct tape or thick scotch tape like you seal a box with, and tear off 6 inch strips and stick them to your arm, then peel off. The glass should pull out, with your arm hair

I have to do that occasionally with fiber optic glass

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I agree with above answers. Even with surgery, however, small glass fragments can be difficult to find. The presence of a foreign body in soft tissue often causes inflammation and/or infection. Sometimes the fragments surface on their own. You could wait & see if it feels better & heals up. But if, after a few days, you still feel pieces of glass, or there are signs of infection (presence of pus, continued redness at the site, red streaks up the arm, swollen glands in your armpit, etc.) then you should be seen by a doctor.

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Thank you! I tried the hot water thing and the tape method. It still hurts but hopefully it will get better.

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My suggestion was like @filmfann,‘s but I was thinking of using one of those sticky lint rollers – don’t use pressure and only go in the direction opposite the angle of the glass’ entry to the skin.

You can repeat those steps to try to get any spots you missed. You might also want to put some Neosporin or Bacitracin on the area to fend off infection.

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Is there anyone else in your family, sibling, dad, aunt, uncle who can actually look at your arm and assure your mother that you are not lying.

Has she looked at the glass fragments embedded in your arm? If not, why not?

Good advice above but amateur treatment may well lead to infection.

Neighbor, pastor, teacher, counselor, friend?

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Take out what you can with tweezers. Go to the doctor if it looks infected.

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I have used Elmer’s glue to take small splinters out of my skin. Coat the area with the glue, let it dry until it can be peeled off and peel it off. It should work with glass too.

If you have some hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol wet a rag or cotton ball and pat the area to kill the germs. Alcohol will hurt a lot worse than the hydrogen peroxide. Neosporin cream will work too, but rubbing it on may push the splinters of glass deeper.

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Phew, I got all the pieces everyone. Thank you SO much for your help.
After running my arm under hot water and sticking tape on my arm, I used tweezers to take out the remainder. I think I’m okay.

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@NostalgicChills: Did your mom see the evidence? I certainly hope so.

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Just a question. Is your mom under a lot of stress?
It’s not an excuse, but it might be that it’s more denial than not believing you. It is easy, when a parent is overwhelmed to the max to see one more stress and pretend like it didn’t happen. Internally she could be thinking “I can’t handle one more thing!” And it comes out as, oh, you’re making it up.
Again, not an excuse, just letting you know that it may have more to do with her coping mechanism than it has to do with whether or not she believed you.

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Nah, she just didn’t care.

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