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What are the advantages and disadvantages of large (conventional) venetian blinds and mini-blinds?

Asked by jca (36054points) June 13th, 2012

I am considering putting blinds in my dining room. I am considering large conventional venetian blinds, or mini-blinds. Since large blinds can be more of an expense, I want to think carefully before purchasing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

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Since it depends entirely on the location, size and use of the area, I suggest you visit the window covering section of your local home improvement store and discuss it with them. We have a great department at the Lowe’s near us.

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I use the micro-minis because I want them to be almost invisible when pulled up. The down size is that they are harder to dust, but since I never dust mine, this is simply a philosophical issue.


That said, I should add that I use them only for bedrooms to block out light; there are no neighbors so I leave all my other windows bare.

Here are the ones in my bdrm, in the raised position and almost unnoticeable.

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I like wooden blinds, they look nice, keep the heat out well in the summer and especially when covered in sheer curtains, a really nice effect. They do need wiping and polishing now and then but do not collect dust like the standard blinds do. You could even go with wooden blind shutters, another nice look. Cover the bottom portions of the windows and have valences or sheer swags on top.

I too live rural like @gailcalled and have no need to keep my windows covered but like the ambiance of nice window treatments for my own enjoyment.
I have sheer curtains in my bedroom that I drape over the sides of my bed so they can billow in the wind. I love curtains blowing on the wind. :-)

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I got 2” oak blinds for my house from Just Blinds.

I got lucky and got them on sale. I did 8 windows for just over $300. I liked the fact that they guaranteed the fit, even if you mess up measuring.

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I find the wider blinds survive attacks by cats batting at flys better than the thinner blinds.

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I recommend just going with the blinds you feel look best.

Some info on blinds. Some close very flat and are better for blocking light. You can get blinds that are white on the back so from the outside your house does not look like it has a an unusual color in the window (that sort of thing mattered a lot to my grandmother). If you want a wood look with a wide slat there are pre-made blinds at Home Depot that look great for a great price. They come in a few shades of wood and painted white. You bring the measurements of your windows, and Home Depot cuts them for you right there while you wait. If they are too long you just remove a few slats at the bottom.

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I think micro and mini blinds look outdated if that’s the right word. I have the 2” wood blinds that collect dust but are easy to wipe off. If I could I would have custom draperies and no blinds or plantation shutters which are very expensive . I like a very traditional look and don’t think blinds look traditional unless they’re plantation shutters.

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^^^. Outdated? Not in my house. The micro-minis look invisible when raised, which is a wonderful look, given what the views out my windows are.

Exhibit A; Blinds on interior window..raised. No coverings on balcony windows.

Exhibit B: Part of living room and dining room with no window coverage

Exhibit C: One more of bare windows

(And the dust that gets into heavy draperies, custom or not. Atchoo.)

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My blinds are recessed inside the window frame, you don’t see them when they are raised. I don’t like drapes or curtains taking up space inside the house so I only have the blinds in the windows.

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I actually agree with @Aster that at one point miniblinds were very popular, and now the larger slats are back in fashion. I would not go to the extreme of saying outdated, but the trend is the laerger blinds. I still think get what you prefer.

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