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What's a good appetizer or side dish to utilize a slow cooker at a summer party?

Asked by jca (35969points) June 15th, 2012

I’m having a party on my deck in a week (so end of June). Hopefully the weather is good so we’ll be outside, otherwise, we’ll bring it indoors. I have a slow cooker and want to utilize it for either an appetizer or side dish. What do you recommend?

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Other than chili, which doesn’t seem like hot weather food to me, it’s hard to think of anything.
Do you want my recipe for magic black and white bean salad with a lime/cilantro vinaigrette that you can expand to feed the multitudes? (And make in advance.) That’s my staple for summertime parties.

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@gailcalled: I’m open to all suggestions.

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One second thought would be old-fashioned Boston baked beans in the sow cooker, if you are grilling burgers and hotdogs.

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THere are a crapload of suggestions here. I thought of macaroni with cheese, then nixed myself, that’s a casserole. But it turns out that there really is such a thing.

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I always find something on the Food Network site that fits my needs.

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I always like a reuben dip in the slow cooker. Here is one recipe. I always like using the little rye bread squares (cocktail rye). This stuff is delicious!

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Here’s one for a Cheesy Bean Dip that sounds really yummy. I had something like this at a Mexican restaurant and no one could keep their hands off of it. Serve with tortilla chips or slather it onto Tortas.

I’m having a hard time with finding side dishes, because crockpots are ususally for bigger main dish recipes, but I’m just looking for stuff that sounds good for an outdoor summer party.

So howzabout Sauerkraut, Sausage and Potatoes

Spicy Chipotle Meatballs

Pulled Pork with Gingerale

Teriaki Chicken Wings

Corn Chowder

Asian Ribs

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