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Can you help me with the Wii Homebrew channel?

Asked by gambitking (4206points) June 27th, 2012

Gaming geeks, nintendo freaks, hackers and modders, i’m looking at you… A friend of mine is soft-modding my Wii, and putting Homebrew on the system. It’s a first-generation Wii, so I’m told it can play DVD’s after the mod.

But can you tell me what else it can do? What devices and networking I can implement to maximize new tools and benefits of Homebrew? What all can Homebrew do? When I get it back after the upgrade, what are some things I should know?

Also… my Wii auto-connects to my wi-fi when I power it up, and I don’t know if my friend will have disabled that while he does his thing. Is that going to be a problem?

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Flashing the Wii ROM will mean that you have to re-enter the wireless password again.

Homebrew Channel is, simply put, awesome.

Get the Homebrew Browser to make your experience much smoother.

I use the Wii now mainly for emulators. 4-player Super Bomberman 2 with my wife and kids, Super Mariokart, Street Fighter 2, etc. You can also find N64 emulators, Genesis emus, NES and Master System, etc.

You can hook up an external hard drive and rip all your games to the HDD so that you don’t have to put the DVD in and risk scratching it when it’s out of the box (I use Configurable USB Loader – it’s the most actively-coded and works a treat). The games also load faster through HDD too. You can also rip movies/music to the HDD and play it through your TV via WiiMC.

It’s great. Oh, yes – you can use it as a DVD player.

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