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Is Spain or London the best place to go for a holiday vacation?

Asked by bonylyons (14points) June 27th, 2012

I am a little confused about which place is better for holiday tour. If you have a preference please share your suggestions and experienced if you have visited this place before.

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Neither. Go to Rome,really, or at least somewhere in Italy.

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You can have a tour to see the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, London Eye, Tower of London..etc! London is the best!

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If you want good weather – Spain.

If you don’t mind a high chance of wet, I think London would be more interesting.

Spain would be cheaper once you’re there though.

London’s going to be fairly nightmare-ish to visit while the Olympics are on.

They’re two very different places (not to mention that one is an entire country, and the other is “just” a city). England has more to offer than just London…

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I agree with @harple, London is an interesting city but it won’t be much in the way of a relaxed break. And during the olympics it is going to be hell, even the londoners themselves are connsidering leaving for this event. It is also highly expensive.
Spain will be a more relaxed, take your time about things, eat some nice food and drink some nice food and see the sights kind of ordeal.

I think it really depends on what kind of holiday you are looking to have and your budget.

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It depends on what kind of vacation you are looking for. If you want a restful one, then the great metropolis of London is not for you. If you want one steeped in history and one about the great capitals of the world, then London is your place.

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Two very different experiences. As @harple said, London would not be good this summer because of the Olympics, unless you’d like to go to some of the events and don’t mind crowds. Spain is more relaxed and has great contrasts from the beaches in the south, Madrid with it’s ancient and modern aspects and night life, the Alhambra, and on and on. I’d vote for Spain this year. London, next year.

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I visited London last month with my family and get memorable experience and lots of enjoyment. Many beautiful tourist destinations available in London also luxury resorts, hotels, beach resort is also an important part to increase the beauty of this destination.

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