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Do you wash your bed pillows, and if so, how often?

Asked by jca (35976points) July 16th, 2012

Do you wash your bed pillows, and if so, how often? Or do you just buy new ones? Or neither?

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I just buy new ones about every 6 months. I washed them once and they just got bunched up. I probably did it wrong because I know other people wash theirs.

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I’ve tried washing and it just doesn’t work for the non-allergenic type I buy. I put mine in allergen free inner cases, too (to provide extra protection). I wash those cases with my regular cases. It seems to make the pillows last a bit longer.

Every year when I get new pillows, I down-grade the old ones to shams, or as dog/cat pillows.

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Yes, I was them every quarter. I also wash all of the throw pillows on the beds and sofas once a quarter.

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almost never but I wash my hair.

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I tried but it just didn’t come out the same. So I only buy new ones. I actually like my pillows a bit flat so it takes a long time before I buy a new one. I just use anti allergy cases on mine and rely on that to protect my pillows and on top of that just the regular pillow cases which get changed and cleaned often.

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No. And, I keep them way longer than 6 months. @chyna‘s answer surprised me and @SpatzieLover‘s also. I would say I keep my pillows 3–5 years. Is that gross? I know dust mites and things are probably living in them.

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I just buy new ones. I don’t really have a good neck to start out with, so between the general wearing down of pillows and the damage of the washing machine, it’s easier just to get some new ones at Target or Costco.

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I tried washing mine once & it was an annoying process – since then I’ve always just bought new ones about once per year. I have a sleep number bed & sometimes for promo reasons sleep number gives away free pillows to those who come into the store so I snag one of those now & then when I catch the promo in time.

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No, I never do. Now that you’ve asked I’m thinking: “OMG, I never wash my bed pillows!” What a dirty girl I am!

My pillows are down, actually ancient down pillows that probably have never been cleaned and they are most likely thirty or more years old, at the very least. I change the pillow cases often but I never wash the pillows. I have to have down pillows and I’m sure I could afford new ones or that they would be to my liking. I am very particular about my pillows and the ones I have are perfect, even if they are filthy, now that you mention it. :-)

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The pillow cases yes but it never occurred to me to wash the pillows.

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I buy new and rotate the old into new positions. (We sleep with a lot of pillows.) We have a few down pillows, and since they are very expensive to replace, we use pillow protectors on them, under the pillow cases, to make them last longer.

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Before I moved to the frigid south and was living in the tropics, I washed them often. They are not down pillows, just some sort of foam and I never had any problems. Sometimes they would get a little lumpy but if you beat them a bit they always came back.

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No, and I don’t replace them either… Should I?

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Like @JLeslie, I keep mine a few years, usually. I wash them maybe once a year. I have both “regular” pillows and down pillows. I wash the down ones, too.

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I don’t wash mine, but I will put them through the dryer to heat and fluff every so often.

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