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Can Alberta ship oil though the North Saskatchewan River?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15657points) 1 week ago

To the Hudson Bay, and beyond? Please serious answers only.

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That depends on the size of the vessel, the water displacement of it, and how deep the river channel is. My dad use to work on a tow barge, hauling coal down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. I don’t know the tonnage they would haul, but as I recall they required a minimum 10ft dept in order to be able to navigate a body of water. But those river barges aren’t that large and I can’t picture oil companies bothering with such a small amount. When hauling oil over such distances they tend to deal in huge volumes.

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It isn’t a reliable route,and can’t really handle barge traffic. Too many sandbars and rapids.

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Even if the water were deep enough – which doesn’t appear to be the case – you have the environmental issues dealing with shipping heavy, dirty oil through the pristine forests and waterways. The environmentalists would never allow it.

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@elbanditoroso @zenvelo @Darth_Algar What about a pipeline to Hudson bay then transfer to a barge?

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It is possible? Sure, probably. Is it a good idea? Unlikely. Hence the Keystone XL fiasco where those Albertan oil producers sought to pass most of the environmental risk off to us south of the border.

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@RedDeerGuy1 How would the oil be transported in winter? Hudson Bay is not ice free year round. Why spend money on a method that is not year round?

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@zenvelo Good catch! Thanks! GA!

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