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How long do you think you will live?

Asked by rojo (21960points) July 25th, 2012

My mother turned 80 yesterday and someone asked her if she ever thought she would live this long. She said no. But it got me to thinking and that led to wondering about others. So….
How old are you now and what do you truly think will be the last birthday you have?
Me, I’m 57, relatively active and healthy and see no reason I should not see my 96th birthday. If I so choose.

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I’m 24 and I will consider myself lucky if I live to 60–65. I heard somewhere that type 1 diabetes can cut a good 15 years off your life expectancy, even if you are doing all the right stuff. And Lord, do I ever try! I’m at increased risk for heart disease, kidney disease, all kinds of good stuff, even if I keep my blood sugar under extremely good control for the next 30 years.

When I was younger, I was so depressed that I could not fathom living to the age of 30, and I didn’t take good care of myself back then. So now, expecting to live to my 60s is very optimistic for me!

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My mother died at 43, my father at 62. I have always believed I would die fairly young. From speaking to other people in this situation this seems to be a common thing, the idea that you will also die fairly young. For a long time I had a fear I would die before I reached 43. I now hope to outlive my dad. As long as I see my children settled and happy I think I will be happy. I just want to be around for as long as they still need me. I don’t have a specific age, but it would be great to get to my 70s or even 80s if my brain and body were still functioning well.

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Longer now than I thought a month ago – I’ve quit smoking.

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It’s hard to be optimistic given my track record. My disease SUPPOSEDLY doesn’t shorten lifespans, but considering I’m already the unhealthiest person I know during these supposed “healthiest years of one’s life” and considering I had already had a near death experience at age 17, I don’t have high expectations! That’s fine, I guess. I don’t think my body will be a comfortable place to be when it’s 80 years old.

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I don’t know where it came from but I have it in my head that I will live well into my 90’s and die peacefully in my sleep. As I get older I start to wonder if my 90’s leave me enough time to get done all that I want to do before I die.

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Hmm. . . Family history pretty much guarantees cancer of some sort, but I’ll probably live just long enough to be a crabby old grandma.

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I was already here when the Earth wasn’t born. I’ve been an oak I’ve been a river, a lake, I was the fires below the feet of Joan of Arc!

I denno. I’m 30, not very healthy and I don’t really take care of myself. But I’m pretty sure I’m healthier than I think, and I’m attempting to work some things out about that right now. Maybe in between 60 and 80? No clue…I’ll find out when I die, I guess haha.

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My goal is to top my dad’s record. He made it to 98. So I have 30 years time to do to even catch up.

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My dad’s almost 90, my mother died at 84, I think. I don’t want to live to that age. I want to know my children and future grandchildren. I would like to live until my children are in their 30’s. I am 53 now. I am a vain mf though. I really think I might do as my mother did, although I have a much healthier lifestyle than she did.

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I’m 15. When I’m happy, I think I’ll live forever. When I’m sad… well, definitely not forever :p

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Probably in my early 90’s.

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I don’t know. I do not want to live a day longer than I am independent. Whatever that is.

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Based solely on genetics, I’m in good shape: my great-grandmother and her sister lived to be nearly 100, my grandmother just died a couple months ago at 93, and her aunt died a few years back at 105. However, my own health is not as good as it could be, thanks to genetics from the other branches of the family, plus my own disregard for my well-being as a youth. So I’ll split the difference, and say that if I can make it to 80, I’ll be satisfied.

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@josie I heard that. I don’t plan to live so long I can’t any longer stop the pain is I so choose.

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I wish to die before I am forced to work at Walmart as a greeter to supplement my living expenses in old age.
Chronic pain and Walmart…time to check out of hotel California. lol
Seriously, I have no clue, the family history is all over the map.
I have been amazingly healthy and also have abused my body.

The longevity curve is vast in my family, from super fit and dying young to old, drunk smokers. dying old drunk smokers. haha
64 to 98 with an average of 80 something. More than good enough. I am all about QUALITY over quantity, pain and working at Walmart does not qualify as

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