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Counter Filing Harrasment Charges?

Asked by sweetprincess_0 (36points) July 27th, 2012

Can I file Harassment Charges against someone that filed harassment charges against me? How soon after? and Where?

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In the United States you’d file it at the same place as the complaint against you. If work related, at our Human Resources. If at school with the school administration.

You can file at any time. If nothing has been filed against you, go ahead and file a charge.

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You can file, but you will have a heck of a time winning the case. because you will have to prove that the original person filed charges against you with malice. And that may not be easy.

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Your story edit

We tried to help a girl out, The cops are charging me with harassment. I left her stay in our home for 6 months rent free so she could get a head. She never looked for full-time work, worked some weeks only one or two days. She didn’t save a dime. and her car died, now she needed rides. All she had to do here was to keep up with the dishes, mop the floors and keep the bedroom and bathroom cleaned up. Do you think she would even do that. I told them all, you can’t show me your saving, I had to tell them to do the work since they wouldn’t just do it. I finally Told her shes got to start paying to stay. $5 a day. lol Well she didn’t pay, and never said a word about it. As if we didn’t say anything. And made me, So I told her she need to go. She moved out the and didn’t leave the keys. When we got to the club I asked her for them, and she said, don’t worry I made copies. Said I was only looking for a house cleaner. lol Heck if I live with someone for free I’d be asking them what I could do for them. Anyways, she kept running her mouth on me and I went around the table and grabbed her and pushed her back. So she called the cops. And they are arresting me for harassment. This women has a long history of problems with others. Right now she is on probation for assaulting an officer.
I want to counter file, as she started thing hole thing out of being mad that I kicked her out. She wasn’t afraid of me, she was trying to hurt me and have me arrested. I called the officer to counter file and he never called me back.

How do I go about counter filing, would it be harassment charges I should file or something other? Do you think I should get a lawyer for this? I don’t have the money. I could probably borrow some from a family member if need be.
I should just plead guilty and pay the fine. I’m just so mixed up as to what to do.

Thank you

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“Harassment” is not a specific crime. What exactly are you charged with? Where are you?

And for your own sake, take two steps:
1. Deal with the charge by pleading not guilty and having the courts prove it. But be sure you weren’t harassing her. If you were, then just pay the fine.

2. Don’t counter charge, just drop any interaction with this woman and get her out of your life. The more you are entangled with her, the worse your life will be. You don’t need her in your life, if she tries to apologize or come back, don’t allow her back in.

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Lancaster, Pa. the cop said he was sending me a citation for harassment. I did grab her and let go. I definitely let her mouth push my buttons. Will this be on my record? How bad would that be?

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You have committed a battery by having physical contact with her, albeit a minor battery. But since it is characterized as “harassment”, consider a no contest plea, pay the fine, and learn your lesson. That’s if it is a misdemeanor charge. If it is a felony talk to a public defender as soon as possible.

You will have a misdemeanor on your record. It’s not bad if you keep yourself out of trouble and don’t do anything like it again. Learn your lesson.

You made a lot of mistakes in this whole thing, allowing this person to stay with you without being clear of her responsibilities and then not holding her to them from the very beginning. You need to set proper boundaries with people and then stick to them.

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