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How can I email my holiday videos I made to my grandmother?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) July 28th, 2012

I recently went on holiday and made a home video of my holiday and wish to share it with my grandmother, I figured it would be easy to email it to her because she is not very clued up and emailing would be nice and easy to do instead of going trough all those links to retrieve the movie. Any ideas would help to email my 2 gig home video.

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You could put them on Youtube using the private option. Then e-mail them to your Grandmother from Youtube.

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I would upload them to a cloud storage and email grandma a password secure link so she can retrieve the video. (ie @BosM suggestion of dropsend is a cloud storage.) I used to love Apple Mobile Me however they recently changed to iCloud and its just not the same and I am trying to find a new one myself.

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2Gigs will take a long time to upload (and for her to download). I would try using Handbreak to convert it to MP4 first to get it down to a reasonable size.

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Ditto @gondwanalon. Put them up with privacy options on youtube and send grandma an email with links to the videos.

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Youtube is the best option.

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Download the video in your PC and upload them in Gmail and send them to your grandma.

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