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Cancelling my NYTimes subscription - need suggestions for free online newspaper?

Asked by efritz (3250points) July 29th, 2012

I’ve finally decided that I can’t afford the NYTimes subscription free anymore. I need a new go-to website for news that is trustworthy and free – some other websites I frequent are The Guardian and the New Yorker, and cultural sites like AVClub and Pajiba. Any thoughts?

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I don’t subscribe to any of those newspapers that lie constantly. I’m so glad to know you are no longer supporting the New York Times. That paper has spewed false pro-war propaganda that was used as a reason to enter every single war. Then, after the war was underway, the paper apologized. I am totally serious! Here’s a whole book on the subject. The Record of the Paper,

Check out Free Speech Radio News, which is a nightly radio broadcast, but you can listen online here.

Alternet has some good articles here.

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In no particular order…

The Christian Science Monitor is an excellent news site (don’t let the name deter you, it is not even remotely an evangelical site, it has a decades-long reputation as a premier news organization)

The Guardian

The Independent

When the NY Times tells you your 20-story/month limit has been reached, here’s a trick:

The story’s web address will be something like this:

Chop off everything after “html” and the address lets you read for free, like this:

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@suspendedfromaskville – I don’t think the NYT lies constantly – though they definitely stepped in it by supporting the WOMD rumor and the war. Regardless, I think they’re one of the better sources of news, and if it weren’t for the subscription fee I’d still be a member. Not that even the fee is grossly unfair, I just am broke as hell right now.

@jaytkay – Wow, that is a great trick/hack, I will definitely make use of that! I do read the Guardian occasionally, and the other two websites look interesting.

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The Washington Post is free and has top notch reporting.

I get a lot of my news from’s r/worldnews subbreddit.

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