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Are there any stamp collectors around?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21675points) February 14th, 2013

I was just wondering if anyone on here collects stamps, or if perhaps anyone has a passive collection that they don’t really work on.

Post cards, covers, stamps on paper or off, mint or used, whatever you collect.

Do you collect tamps? what kind do you collect?

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we have a big box that my husband’s grandfather collected.We have no idea what’s there, but they still have sentimental value. We should probably get them appraised some day.

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I still have my US/UN collection from the 70s that I put together as a teen. I had some pretty interesting stuff I picked up at the local bit stamp show in San Francisco.

My favorite was a special cover I made, with the MIA/POW stamps, an “Exhibition Post Office” cancellation date of April 24, 1970, and a sticker on the cover that said MARCH AGAINST THE WAR APRIL 24.

I also have some moon landing stamp first day covers, which are not rare in the least but were fun to get.

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My father did and so does his brother. Dad pretty much collected any kind of postage stamp he could. In his latter years, he would collect US stamps by the sheet so that he would have one of every kind of perforation possible and if they were in a roll as well he would get those too.
Never really understood this part of it but he enjoyed it so WTH.
My brother boxed up a bunch of Dads stamps and sent them to our uncle in the UK last January since he was the only family member we knew who collected and appreciated them.

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