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What do you imagine the earliest humans argued about?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) August 3rd, 2012

I don’t remember reading a book on human anthropology. I’m quite certain there are writings out there which explored and conjectured on about the personal, domestic and social issues early humans quarreled about. Right now I’m excited about the collective’s input on this. Thanks.

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I asked my husband. He said they argued about the best hunting techniques. Great Question!

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Sex, money and politics.

There are suppositions that because of the small clans, most aggression was directed outwards, towards the predators and other clans. You’d want to keep as much harmony as possible between the clan members.


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Who gets to eat first, who gets to rape the woman first and who gets to be alpha ape.

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@Dutchess_III Right. Thanks. I guess we humans wouldn’t have eaten then unless we went out and hunted for hours, maybe even days. I can imagine one man having his own strategy on how to go about it, while another guy had his. I’m willing to bet that some of them ended up their own separate hunting trips after a howling debate.

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How to raise the children right.

Who cleans up the mess and takes the trash out.

The best way to make a tool.

Who makes tastier food.

Who is a better leader.

Who an SO is flirting with.

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Pretty sure the first argument was over semantics. When God said to “be fruitful”, the man reached for the woman, but the woman reached for the apple.

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@thorninmud I thought God said to man that there were subservient women to be found in all corners of the earth. And then he made the world round.

And Laughed.

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Sex, food, and water.

I’m glad we’ve evolved. Oh, wait…

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I don’t think they are still arguing.

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Territory and defence.

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Who got control of the remote control

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“What do you mean this plant is safe to eat? You eat it first…”

“Wait, you want to see my face when we have sex? Where did you learn that?”

“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, Fire is Hot.”

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@mazingerz88 : Given the size of the prey, no hunters ventured outside the cave alone, no matter how intrepid they were. The only howling would have come from the solo hunter when the saber-toothed tiger spotted him and thought, “Oh good. At least I get a snack tonight.”

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Whom to blame

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Whether to move on and where to go. Should we come down from the trees? It is much safer up here.

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@anartist Thanks, I already flagged my own question for correction.

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Somehow I don’t think sex was an issue with EARLY humans. No more than sex is an issue with dogs and cats. I doubt that early humans had wrapped sex up in taboos and issues. Maybe fighting over a woman, yes, but not sex itself.

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Food. And real estate, i.e., cave location.

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Whose cave is betterr than Phil’s.

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How good was the Rolling Stones “difficult” 2nd album?

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After just coming out of the trees, I’m sure that they argued about who’s feet hurt the most.

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I think Adam was pretty peeved at Eve eating the apple.

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Who ate my berries?
No, I tell you the Mammoth was THIS BIG!!!
Why haven’t you gathered more vegetation for us to sleep on?
I put the rubbish out last night.

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They complained about how the younger generations were selfish and had poor manners.

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Whether or not foreplay was required.
Where the Furniture goes
Where the trash goes
Whether or not to share the days hunting with the vegetarians (bad hunters)

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@JLeslie Much the same as today eh?

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Who gets the choicest piece of meat.
Who gets fed first.
Who gets to sleep closest to the fire (we have discovered fire, right?)
Who has to be watchman at night.
Who makes all these decisions.

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woman: “Does this leafdress make my ass look big”
man: “Ungowa”

…And that’s when the fight started.

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Because it’s a trick question with no correct answer. Bitch.

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My guess is that the earliest human arguments involved sex and football.

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Pretty much the same things we argue about today!

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I know.

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NO! I asked my husband and he said they didn’t argue about sex! That has been determined!

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@Dutchess_III: What? You have no voice? Did he club you over the head?

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I wasn’t there. My husband was. ;)

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Ooh! Ooh! Ask him if he knew the guy who invented the wheel!

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He said he invented it. Of course. I’m pretty sure it was actually his first wife who came up with the idea, but you know how men are….

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Who had the best man cave.

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My husband said he had the best man cave. Of course.

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