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What kind of flooring is in your dream home?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42254points) August 5th, 2012

Mine…laminate wood flooring, but with large “area” rugs / carpet that cover the majority of the floor in the living room. I want it to look like it’s carpeted, but I want to be able to take the carpet up and pressure wash it! I would also allow me to change the look of the floor, just by easily changing the carpet. :) But..all I can find are 8 X 10 sizes. I need 20 X 15 or so.

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Wide board, knotty pine with a poly finish. It has yellowed slightly over the years and shows dents because the wood is soft, but I love the look.

It certainly does not look like carpeting. Here

Here’s the same room with a 9×12 Dhurrie rug under one seating area. Having Milo as an accessory costs extra.

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Recycled railroad and barn timbers heavily lacquered and polished in some rooms. Classic hardwood in others. Lots of Moroccan and Turkish rugs, and a few Afghan War rugs here and there, for flavor. Some kind of funky retro tile in the bathrooms and kitchen. Like the tile in Hemingway’s bathroom

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Whatever flooring is in this house:

Went inside it for an open house a week ago and everything about it was amazing and I loved the floors. Hard wood floor in most of the common areas and walkways, but stone in the bathrooms, marble in the entryway, and carpet in most of the bedrooms.

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@DominicX: What was the pricetag on that baby?

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$9.98 mil – 11,000 sq. ft. It was massive. It had 5 outdoor air-conditioning units, for crying out loud…

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My dream home would be in a warmer, dryer climate with a floor of black marble thinly veined with white.

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@DomincX: Sounds reasonable to me; how many homeless people could live there comfortably? Remember “Dr. Zhivago”? After the revolution, dozens of famiiles inhabited the Zhivago manse.

@flutherother : Marble is hard on the feet and back and is not a friendly surface for the kitchen. Anything you drop, other than cast iron, will shatter.

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Reddish/pink Saltillo tiles…in polished rustic-cut rectangles. <sigh>

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@gailcalled True, it is not very practical but it looks so fabulous and feels lovely and cool to the feet.

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@DominicXWhen you buy this will you invite us all over for tea? I’ll bring the scones. :)

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I live in my dream house. It’s an old converted barn in New England. New Hampshire specificly. The flooring is almost original. The pine floor is rough hewn and there are these “V” grooves where the timbers meet. The only thing about the floor that isn’t orignial is the fact that they are laqured. I have these bearskin rugs on the floor. Unfortunatly (or fortunatly depending on your point of view), not real. The bathrooms have flat riverstone floors and the office has these huge oaken slabs for flooring. I think my office used to be the storage area. The whole home is absolutely beautiful.

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Greenish Blue slate like we had in our last house. It was soft and natural looking with rustic craftsman, shaker and even modern minimalistic furniture. There will also be a return to nice rugs once we have no more animals.

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Wow. Fluther has good taste!

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I would love a large area rug that looks like this

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Natural old floorboards. With a magical force-field on them that repels mud and stops them being scratched by doggy claws.

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I would buy made in the U.S.A., resilient flooring by Shaw

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Crushed rose petals, like those girls throw on the floor when Eddie Murphy’s dad walks around in Coming to America.

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I love wood. We have chestnut, oak, and pine in our house.

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Repurposed/recylced wood flooring and stained cement.~swoon

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I have timber flooring and I love it and would use it again without a second thought. I also like polished cement. It is seamless, can look beautiful and stylish and is cool in summer. If it was for a house in a cooler climate I would include underfloor heating.

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I have old hickory wood floors in my house, and I generally love the look of wood floors. This stuff, made out of wine barrels, is fantastic! However, they are a bitch to keep clean. Lots of little grooves for dust/dirt to fall down in. I think, on the whole, I’d prefer stained concrete.

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Self Cleaning.

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