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Are you trying to sterilize your floors?

Asked by JLeslie (58942points) 1 month ago from iPhone

When I bring in groceries I put the bags on the floor. So, now I’m thinking, how crazy do I need to get regarding cleaning the floor? How long is the virus living on ceramic tile? I don’t have Lysol to spray on it.

What are you doing about floors and carpet?

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Yes, just did mine last night. Keeping everything clean, trash and recycling out, laundry done, etc…

Maybe run a little bleach water over it between deep cleans?!

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I have a liberal supply of Lysol spray, which I bought before all this, as well as Clorox wipes. I’ve always been a stock up kind of person. I wipe the doors and counters daily, and spray the floors once or twice a week. I change the chair cover whenever my DIL sits on it. She still works in an office.

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We have staff for that!

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If I were on my hands and knees huffing the air down there and rubbing my face on the carpet I would worry about it.

Anything that goes near my face is clean. I’m concerned about inhaling things. Not worried about walking on them.

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Nope. Unless I also sterilize the bottoms of my footwear and feet, then the floors will probably be reinfected soon after.

I put my grocery bags on top of a tape case and a filing cabinet, when I bring them into the house.

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What on earth makes you think you have the virus in your house?

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I.also don’t understand why you’d put them on the floor in the first place. Don’t you have counter tops in your kitchen and a table nearby?

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@Dutchess_lll I want to keep my countertops as free from the virus as possible. I don’t want to worry about having to be perfect where I put flatware down, plates, and I am touching the countertops, etc. The bags are on the floor, not the food.

The virus can be on the outside of plastic, a ton of groceries are in plastic. It can be on any packaging. The virus can live over a year in the freezer from what I understand.

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Pretty sure freezing would kill it.

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No. I am cleaning things and when I go out I take my clothes off, put them in the laundry and take a shower but I’m not getting crazy about wiping the surface of every single thing that comes into the house.

I think you can make yourself nuts. I’m not saying you, @JLeslie, because you have to do what you feel you need to do for yourself, I’m just saying for me, I am not hypervigilant and obsessive about it.

I read posts on FB where people talk about wiping everything and they express a lot of anxiety about it. I’m not a very anxious person.

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@jca2 Yeah, I haven’t been sterilizing my floors, that sounds overwhelming to me. When I buy groceries I now have been wiping down packaging that goes straight in the fridge and freezer, and pantry food I just let sit in the bags two or three days, and then put it all away. I only started wiping down the packages this past week. I don’t think I did it well. We did it with alcohol.

When I make the freezer food I will just throw out the box, wash my hands and cook it. I don’t want to be freaked out in the kitchen. The first couple of weeks that most of America started to realize we need to take it seriously I had done a big shopping trip, and I was home ten straight days and did everything how I do any other time. As long as I didn’t leave I felt like I had nothing to worry about.

I don’t even have a ton of products at home that advertise they kill germs, I use soap at home, and cleaning liquids like natural window cleaner, and grease cutter for the kitchen, and I guess some of the bathroom products have bleach, but they aren’t for other parts of the house. I have just 10 antibacterial wipes left I think. The box is from two months ago, I usually only used them at a restaurant if I didn’t bother to wash my hands. They are individual ones I keep one in my purse.

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@Dutchess_lll If you google you will see statements of coronavirus living anywhere from one month to two years.

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My family cleans the floor about twice a day so I don’t have to worry about the floor being contaminated :)

Some existing habits do serve you in unexpected time.

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@jca2 ”...when I go out I take my clothes off, put them in the laundry and take a shower.” hopefully you do this after you get home, not before you go out!!


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hahaha! Good catch, @Dutchess_lll!

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Here one has to bring there own bags made of cloth ( no plastic bags acceptable), that way one can wash them when home again.
I use a backpack and a canvas container designed for groceries.( bought this at the grocery store months ago when plastic bags
were banned.( cost me only $10 Canadian and its a handy fold up container which holds a lot.
We all pack our own groceries as the clerks behind a Plexiglas shield move way while customers pack there groceries in there own containers.

Saw an expert who stated that people are getting to paranoid about containers such as cardboard pizza boxes etc.
I don’t have to sterilize my floors ,just regular cleaning as I live by myself and wash cloth containers when needed.
I shop at designated times ( 8am – 9am for Seniors only) and hardly anyone is there .
We go in one at a time as the manager is at the door systematically organizing everyone’s entrance and exit.

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@Inspired_2write If you bring bags or not, doesn’t change if you put them on your counter, floor, or another table in the house.

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@JLeslie Those other areas are cleaned daily.

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^^So are you trying to sterilize your floors? That was the main Q.

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I’m not worried about my floors. I rarely touch them and I don’t eat off them.

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Not sterilize, just clean regularly as usual.

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