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Whose tattoo is this?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) August 5th, 2012

In the Tattoo Chronicles book, Kat Von D tattoos a man named Charles. This is what it looks like: Can you help me find out his full name? I am looking for better quality pictures of this tattoo also. I know he resides in San Diego and is most likely some sort of famous person. If anyone has the book I remember his tattoo is on page 144.

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I wish I could help you. I used a customized image search and Google couldn’t pattern match the image. Likewise searching for “pin up girl tattoo” with safe search off turned up lots of… shall we say interesting results, but sadly not a match to be found with this one.

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@ETpro Thank you for trying! As it turns out I’ve just fallen in love with this tattoo. I want to find out the whole story and show it to my artist. I was thinking about getting that same pose but just a different girl.

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@desiree333 I hope our bumping this into active mode will bring it before someone’s eyes that recognizes it and knows the name of the person wearing it. It’s a sexy pose, all right. You might try contacting Katherine von Drachenberg via her website and emailing her a copy of the picture. She will probably recognize here work and, if it is a celeb. that got it, be willing to share the tattoo owner’s identity. Good luck with it.

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It looks like an Olivia De Barnardis drawing.

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