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USA: Who will you be voting for as your next president this November?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) August 6th, 2012

Pretty straight forward.

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The one with a track record of governing at the highest level.

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The one that is good at Basketball.

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Actually I feel this is information that should be kept to ones self.

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The one who can carry a tune.

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The one who understands it is not okay to put your dog on top of your car and drive hundreds of miles.

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The incumbent.

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The one who fits the description of tall, dark, and handsome. :P

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Not the guy who won’t release his tax returns before 2011.

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I haven’t seen any particular reason to vote this year. I doubt that I will.

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I’m thinking of voting third-party this time, if possible.

I have half a mind to vote Kenobi.

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I don’t want to vote for either person. And I probably won’t. Sorry I can’t be more decisive but here in the US we dont for for we vote against. It gets tiresome

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Still undecided, but probably not voting for anyone with an “o” in their name.

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@AngryWhiteMale So in other words- none of the above?

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@woodcutter, last I checked, Merlin Miller, Stephen Durham, Jill Stein, Jack Fellure, Andre Barnett, Jerry White, Stewart Alexander, and Peta Lindsay don’t have an “o” in their names that I’m aware of. :p

However, if “None of the Above” was truly a ballot option, I’d be awfully tempted. Although after reading @Nullo‘s comment, I’m half-tempted to make an exception to my decision about “O” and give ol’ Ben a shot at the title. ;-)

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The same one I voted for last time.

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The one who I hope will promote and pursue more of the policies that I hoped he would in his first term, instead of trying to compromise with the Tea Baggers.

I.e., the Kenyan socialist Muslim Irishman, O’bama. ;-)

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Is Milo a choice? No?

Okay, then Mr. Obama.

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Romney. And if there’s a God in Heaven…he will win.

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@cprevite: Milo here; If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve. (Write that maxim down…it’s one of my better ones.)

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@AngryWhiteMale “Merlin Miller, Stephen Durham, Jill Stein, Jack Fellure, Andre Barnett, Jerry White, Stewart Alexander, and Peta Lindsay don’t have an “o” in their names”
Wow! you are the master of the obvious. ;p

But who are they, and does anyone care? And are they running for president, like I am?

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I’ve pretty much eliminated Romney. It’ll come down to either Obama, third party (throwing my vote away I suppose) or not voting at this point. I’m leaning towards Obama at this point because I don’t want to see Romney win.

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I’m thrilled to be voting for Barack Obama. I think he has done a wonderful job in his first term as president by:

1. Withdrawing troops from Iraq
2. Ensuring all people will have access to affordable health insurance by 2014
3. Overturning DADT
4. Publicly endorsing gay marriage
5. Increasing access to contraception
6. Taking out Osama bin Laden
7. Restoring federal funding to stem cell research

He is not perfect, but he is by far the best person for the job right now.

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We had state-level elections today. I asked for a non-partisan ballot on the assumption that I would be able to choose from among all of the candidates running; turns out that I would only be able to vote for people running as a non-partisan, which was nobody. Is that normal, or do I need to have words with my state representatives?

@nikipedia Isn’t it interesting how widely opinions can differ? I think he’s a bad President for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7, (and there are a few others) for various reasons. And he didn’t take out bin Laden; that was done by a strike force on a job started by the last President. All he did was give the go-ahead.

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@Nullo So if hypothetically speaking, Bush was in a 3rd term, and he under his regime, a strike force took out Bin Laden, would you then credit Bush? Or still call it the accomplishment of the strike force? (Under Bush who gave the go-ahead)

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Obama got Bin laden. Bush let him slip into Pakistan. Mission Accomplished. C’mon

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The strike force gets the credit for the kill, since they trained, they flew in there, they shot him. They were the guy who gets the ball and dunks it, whereas the President is the coach, or maybe the team owner, and the mess between Bush 2001 and Strike 2011 is the rest of the team.
I apologize in advance if the parallel doesn’t work; my knowledge of team sports is nothing short of terrible.

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@Nullo the elections you have participated in this week were primaries. Those are decidedly partisan, as the parties attempt to settle on who will be the representative from each party to stand in the general election. So the voters are segregated by party on the assumption that they want to decide on who in their party best represents them. You didn’t know this?

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@CWOTUS I do, actually. But I’ve been a few Zs short of a healthy memory and processing power for about a week now. After getting some proper sleep, I realized that. XD

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All are third party candidates (Merlin Miller, American Third Position Party; Stephen Durham, Freedom Socialist Party; Jill Stein, Green Party; Jack Fellure, Prohibition Party; Andre Barnett, Reform Party; Jerry White, Socialist Equality Party; Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party; and Peta Lindsay, Party for Socialism and LIberation). So I have quite a few choices left… ;-)

Quite a few people care, and if more people didn’t dismiss third party candidates out of hand, more would care. We have a first-past-the-post system where two major parties have a stranglehold on electoral politics, so unfortunately none of those I mentioned will get much attention.

To answer your last questions, yes, they are running for president. :) For me to consider you though, I need to know your stances/platform. grin

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Both my kids will vote for Obama.

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@AngryWhiteMale They need to make themselves better known if they expect to gain any traction at all.

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@woodcutter, even if they did, people would dismiss them out of hand, as they do now. If our electoral system ever changes to a parliamentary one, or at least treats third parties with the seriousness they deserve, then one or more of them might gain traction.

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I really have a tough time believing they automatically are dismissed. There are some who do come off as complete nut jobs thus becoming a stain on the rest. They need to do something to police their own and weed out the embarrassments. Right now we have the T party and until that movement completely burns itself down, all our candidates will most likely be of the extremes.

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I will be voting for the one with the hotter wife. because her face is gonna be everywhere….its like of like choosing between a knife or a gun.

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Well the hottest lady squeeze is already in there. I don’t get the gun or knife analogy though @psyonicpanda

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If the current AG steps down soon, I probably will choose Obama over nobody, but only if Holder goes. Shouldn’t be that hard to fire his ass.

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