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Who else wants to hide in the woods?

Asked by Mr_Paradox (3017points) August 7th, 2012

It’s the campaign season. At this point the robocalls are driving me nuts, the political ads are getting more vulger and more annoying, the news has a new scandal about one of the candidates every day. Am I alone in my desire to go hide in the woods until election day?

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I have yet to be exposed to a single tv ad or robocall. I don’t have tv, so that explains that. But where do you live? I have never experienced the infamous robocall. I feel left out.

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I have stopped watching politics. I am considering not logging onto facebook for the next couple of months also. The whole chick-fil-a fiasco has pushed me over the edge. The only complication is I am responsible for a facebook group for a club in which I am the social chairperson. Not to mention we just voted Aug 2 here for the state primaries and voted on local issues regarding sales tax and schools, and the whole thing has made me sick. Literally I am feeling sick, depressed, short tempered, hate everyone due to the politics around me, in the nation, and some other personal matters. I need to unhook, unlink, un something myself from some of the stressors, and politics is one that will go for now. The other is dealing with a customer service woman at the hospital that cared for me regardng an accident back in March. I have decided to just stop. Let her win if that is what it is, and do my best to put it in the past. It will cost me money in more ways than one, but I need to save my sanity.

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Sounds great! I’ll bring the chocolate, rum, and movies. Oh, and popcorn, coffee, and snuggly blankets.

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I’ll bring the weapons to deter the solicitors, the food, and my generator. See you there in two hours?

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That’s where I go. It’s an excellent choice, ‘cept leave the generator back.

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I’ll be avoiding the internet as much as possible during that time.

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Me too. Politicians can’t climb trees.

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They also can’t read maps.

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Well, I live in the woods and I am leaving for the coast tomorrow morning. Wanna goose and cat and plant sit for me? I have a great little retreat like hideaway out here. ;-)
Beer in the fridge, hot tub, make yourself at home. ;-D

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I am very annoyed by the phone ringing all of the time, but I don’t watch television so I’ve missed a lot of the ads. They still find me online, but for the most part, I’m trying to avoid it all. I despise this time of year. I’d go with you.

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You’ve got a deal, @Mr_Paradox! Oh, and don’t forget pillows. @DigitalBlue can bring floats for the lake.

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@Mr_Paradox Sure they can read maps. Who do you think makes them?

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@woodcutter But not road maps.

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@DigitalBlue Well, now that you mention it…...

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No, but only because I dislike the woods. How about a café in Paris? Could I hide there?

Truthfully, there’s no need to hide. Don’t watch or read the news. Only watch on TV what you DVR (and fast forward through the commercials). Set your browsers homepage to something fun. Bow out of political discussions.

It’s not that difficult to do. It’ll be over soon.

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Hey, could you folks ask before is setting up camp in my back yard? I don’t mind, but you are scaring away the rattlesnakes and the mt lions that keep the politicians away.

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Well, I would like to turn the TV off. I wish there was a button that automatically muted the sound on commercials.

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Can I join you?I’ll bring my fantastic personality. My charming ways will send even the most determined politicians away. And if that doesn’t work, I have a pocketknife. Just jab and twist.
Ooh, I’ll also bring s’mores. With extra Hershey’s bars for @WillWorkForChocolate

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I’ll start cleaning the cabin. It is absolutely a mess since that party last week. I’m surprised the cabin is still standing.

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@Mr_Paradox And I just found somebody’s underwear in the fridge. WTF kinda party was that?

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My friends bachelor party. You DO NOT want to know what happened.

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I am not in the US and we are not in in the middle of the run up to an election but some of the behaviour from our Federal and State politicians makes me want to hide in the woods.

Cabin in the woods… does it have a basement? Are there lots of weird things in there? Like a book, or old photographs, a music box….?

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I have my fireworks shed out there. I have a collection of great movies and books. I keep my good booze there.

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Huh? Whatever happened to the off button? On the rare occasions that I turn on the TV, I watch Dr Who on the cable On Demand section.I look at my phone and if I don’t recognize the caller, I just let it ring. When the answering machine comes on, they hang up.

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Still annoying when you try to watch the news annd every comercial is a political one.

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