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Why does my Sony dvd player flash error "C:13:00?"?

Asked by AshlynM (10582points) August 12th, 2012

I have surfed a couple of internet forums discussing this same problem and many have stated it was due to a dirty or scratched disc.

The movie disc had no visible or obvious scratches on it. I did clean it with warm water and soap using a paper towel. It still wouldn’t play. It still gave the error.

Anyone have any ideas what this error could be?

All of my other dvds play just fine.

By the way, this was a movie from Netflix. All other movies from them have played just fine so far, just this disc gave me problems.

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I have a Sony DVD player that is over 10 years old, that still plays great, but occasionally does what you describe.
It is usually a scratch or a grease mark, but it has also happened on DVDs that are recorded on discs that have a + instead of a -. Look to see if that DVD says CD-R or CD+R.
The newer DVD players don’t have this problem.
When I bought the Sony, it was top of the line, and it has worked well for a long time. I refuse to replace it until it breaks.

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@filmfann Thanks, I’m like you, I see no reason to get a new one if it’s not broken, although I could probably use a new one, I have no idea how old it is.

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