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Feng Shui Question: What are the significance of tiny decorative shoes?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) August 12th, 2012

I have often seen tiny shoes as a feng shui cure. (Not real shoes…but small…say 1 inch or ½ inch shoes) used in feng shui. Some are on decorative ribbons and some are just a small pair of shoes perhaps with some auspicious symbols on them. I know they must symbolize some sort of luck…but I am not sure how tiny shoes would be equated with that.

I have tried to find information on what the significance of this is…does anyone know?

Thank you.

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Are they red, possibly? The only specific reference to Feng Shui and shoes I could find was in a discussion about the significance of the color red. One of the ‘symbols’ in the Love/Relationships area is “pairs of things”, so that might be it, too.

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Where in the homes did you see these items, as it may offer a clue . . . (e.g., opposite the front door, in the kitchen above the stove, etc.) My suspicion is that they are not shoes but something else, but need to know where in the home(s) you saw them , . .

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They probably have to do with children. Perhaps fertility.

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